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Healthcare Portals – Perficient’s Health BI

Perficient’s outstanding Healthcare team just posted a video on YouTube that highlights our Health BI portal offering.  You can view the video right here in this blog post.

This system is based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and provides very dynamic insight into your Healthcare data.  It is designed for physicians, nurses, hospitals, MCOs, IDMs, ACOs, HIEs, etc.; so it covers a broad range of end users.  The flexible archtecture lets you start small and grow the system as you need it or you can start large and get larger.

At the heart of the system is the ability to pull data from a variety of systems and then using a robust rules engine to present data in an intelligent way.  Unlike some other business intelligence systems that focus on data from their own systems, Perficient’s HealthBI system pulls data from a wide range of systems, including McKesson, GE, EPIC, AllScripts and more.

In terms of measures, the rules engines provides over 600 key performance indicators (KPIs).  These KPIs cover the broad range of measures, including meaningful use, accountable care, operations, finance, JCO, etc.  The system has been ONC certified for Meaningful Use measures and reports for stages 1, 2 and 3.

Using SharePoint’s analytics capabilities, Health BI presents reports and dashboards to see trends over time, by physician, healthcare plans, locations, etc.  You can drill down into the data shown to see underlying data and potentially identify root causes of problems.

Role-based access and security are important parts of any portal and the Health BI portal is no different.  Users have role-based access to the system, so nurses have different views than administrators who have different views than physicians.

I encourage you to look at this innovative healthcare portal and explore the many capabilities demanded in the marketplace today.

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