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Apple and Facebook Should Be Terrified Of Google-Tinted Glasses

Techcrunch has an article out about why Apple and Facebook should be terrified of Google Glasses.  I think the idea of the glasses has merit although I suspect the first iteration of these things will need a lot of work.  But given what they could do for you and how they could integration voice, map/directions, search, and other services, it has the potential to be compelling.

View of directions projected onto Google Glasses

If you haven’t heard, Google today announced it is beginning public tests of augmented reality glasses with the codename Project Glass. A mouthwatering mock-up videoof what the device might eventually be capable of shows someone using voice commands to send messages, take photos, share to Google+, see the locations of friends, view maps, get directions, set calendar reminders, and more.

Cramming all the functionality into a sleek set of glasses is going to take time and effort, but the Google(x) skunklabs is on it. There’s a dozen ways the product could flop, most obviously if the glasses are awkward and unstylish, but also if they’re too heavy, expensive, fragile, or the world is just not quite ready. Let’s forget those for a second. Say Google figures it out and the retail version of Project Glass (which may end up being called Google Eye) becomes wildly popular. How will this disrupt Apple and Facebook, and what should they do to defend themselves?


There’s more at Techcrunch on what kind of disruptions Apple and Facebook may face.

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