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Customizable Learning Platforms for Seizure Disabilities

Customizable learning platforms play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals with seizure disabilities have equal access to education. These platforms are designed to be flexible, accommodating various learning styles, preferences, and unique needs associated with seizure disorders. Here’s a closer look at the features and benefits of customizable learning platforms in the context of […]

Rapid Response Healthcare Blogging: Blog Fast, Blog Smart, Blog Well

Blogging is a great way to establish your healthcare organization and your providers as thought-leaders in the communities you serve. But as your audience members come to trust your organization, they will look to you as a trusted resource when healthcare issues arise in the news. That’s where rapid response comes in. Rapid response blogging […]

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Assistive Technology and Expanding Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Seizure Disability

In the pursuit of inclusive and equitable societies, the intersection of educational assistive technology and employment opportunities plays a pivotal role, especially for individuals with seizure disabilities. Empowering individuals through education and leveraging assistive technology in the workplace not only fosters independence but also opens doors to diverse and fulfilling career paths. In this blog […]

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Communication Aids for Seizure disabilities

  Communication is a fundamental aspect of human connection and expression, yet for individuals with seizure disabilities, challenges in verbal communication can present significant barriers. The advent of assistive technology has ushered in a new era of possibilities, offering an array of communication aids designed to empower those facing seizure-related communication challenges. In this blog […]

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Smart Home Adaptations for Seizure Disabilities

For individuals living with seizure disabilities, the home environment plays a crucial role in fostering safety and independence. Thanks to advancements in smart home technology, creating a seizure-friendly living space has become more achievable than ever. In this blog post, we will explore the transformative impact of smart home adaptations on the lives of those […]

Kayla Brown and Marlana Voerster at HCIC 2023

Top 10 Insights from HCIC 2023 for Healthcare Marketing Leaders

I recently had the pleasure of attending HCIC – The Healthcare Internet Conference with Perficient’s Senior Healthcare Strategist, Kayla Brown. Kayla and I were both invited to speak at the conference, and, while we were there, we took full advantage of the great learning opportunities that always arise with the industry comes together. Kayla spoke […]

Tone, Voice and Style Guide: Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs to Update

When we start new content projects with healthcare clients, one of the first items we ask for is any content style guide or documentation they have for their internal or agency writers. Some organizations don’t have anything to provide. Some have a bit of writing guidance tucked into their overall brand and design guidelines. And […]

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Seizure Disabilities and the Transformative Role of Assistive Technology

For individuals living with seizure disabilities, the unpredictability of seizures can present unique challenges in daily life. However, with the advent of assistive technology, there is newfound hope and empowerment. In this blog post, we will explore the world of seizure disabilities, the impact they have on individuals, and how interacting with assistive technology can […]

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Generation Alpha: 5 Traits That Will Reshape Healthcare

My son is 5. He likes “Sesame Street” and superheroes. He zooms around the driveway too fast on his scooter. And when he falls, he still runs to me to kiss it and make it better. Like most parents, I worry and wonder about what kind of world he’ll grow up in. And because of […]

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Why Content Is the Key to Opening Healthcare’s Digital Front Door – Part 2: Payers

This is the second part of our series in which we’re discussing healthcare’s digital front door — the technologies and strategies you use to engage with consumers throughout their journeys. Having a cohesive content strategy is the key for consumers to open your digital front door and engage with your organization. To recap: Part 1 […]

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Establishing a Composable Roadmap

It’s no secret: the digital world is moving to composable. Moving from the traditional monolithic CMS model to composable does allow you to pick and choose “best in breed” products, but it can lead to confusion and uncertainty. How do you determine what the ideal mix is? When do you start to migrate to these […]

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Why Content Is the Key to Opening Healthcare’s Digital Front Door – Part 1: Providers

The digital front door — namely, the technologies and strategies you use to engage with consumers at every stage of their journeys — had started to catch on with healthcare consumers even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, digital-focused consumers have come to expect the convenience and speed the concept promises. And they’ll go to other […]

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