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The Secret to Functional, Collaborative Salesforce Communities

Vlocity is a San Francisco-based company that delivers industry-specific cloud and mobile software that embed digital, omnichannel processes for customer-centric industries. They are also a Strategic Partner to Salesforce and have many tools developed to help their customers and partners drive results and ensure success. However, Vlocity’s VisualForce community lacked engagement and was difficult to […]

How to Implement Lookup Tables in a OneStream Application

When developing OneStream applications, very often the need arises to convert certain strings like member names into other strings using some sort of a lookup table. It is similar to mapping, but outside transformation rules – say, when calculating cash flow items, the code needs to look up the correspondence between balance sheet and income […]

Design Thinking: 5 Tips for Testing (Part 7)

This is part 7 in a series exploring design thinking in strategy development. If you are just joining, I encourage you to start at the beginning and read part 1 here. Why We Test Everything is nearly complete: you have gained empathy for your customer, defined the problem, developed numerous solutions and built a prototype. However, […]

Google Cloud building

Anthos, building your cloud ecosystem

Google Next 2019, where 30,000 tech enthusiasts descend on the streets of San Fran to learn, promote and embrace what Google Cloud has to offer. Google cloud is steadily gaining momentum in cloud space and is now the third largest cloud services provider in the world. Google’s engineering team understands the complexities of a rigid […]


Design Thinking: Prototyping (Part 6)

If you are just joining, this is part 6 of a series exploring design thinking in strategy development. I encourage you to start at the beginning and read part 1 here. Prototyping: Trying Out Your Ideas All of the previous parts in this series have been preparing you to act. Ideas are useless if not acted […]

Design Thinking: How to Ideate (Part 5)

This is part 5 of a series exploring a case for design thinking in strategy development. (If you are just joining us now, I encourage you to start at the beginning and read part 1 here.) “What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world.” – […]

Mystery Social Determinants Now Tracked in Health Cloud #HIMSS19

How Salesforce is Creating Connected Care with Updates to Salesforce Health Cloud at #HIMSS19 Last year’s introduction of Salesforce Health Cloud at HIMSS18 was exciting and the advancements since then have taken HIMSS19 by storm. Perficient was onsite not only presenting “Overcoming Challenges in Creating Self-Service Analytics,” but making sure to catch the other world-class speakers […] Resizeimage 64

How the Rise in IoT is Changing Mobile UX Design

I recently traveled out of town and upon landing back in Atlanta, the captain came over the PA system to announce the weather. I was not excited to hear that the temperature outside was much colder than the place I had just arrived from. I quickly opened my Nest app on my phone and turned […]

Design Thinking: How to Create Your POV (Part 4)

Welcome to part 4 of a series about design thinking in strategy development. (If you are just joining, I encourage you to start at the beginning and read part 1 here.) “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” – Albert […] Resizeimage 6

Instead of Mobile-First, How About Mobile-By-Design?

While this year’s NRF was full of the promise of AI and machine learning to enhance customer experiences across digital channels, I couldn’t help but think that while AI is exciting, sexy, and can probably deliver on the promise of great CX once fully implemented and refined (over time), what about a customer’s experience right now?  […]

Our Proven Recipe for Customer Community Success

The Best Communities Focus on Content and Design Content plays a foundational role in a community’s success. However, having helpful, easy-to-follow content available for your customer community means nothing unless users are able to find it, consume it, and understand it. That’s where the UI/UX design comes into play; when, where, and how they access […]

Design Thinking: Empathy & Observation (Pt 3)

Just joining us? Welcome to part 3 of this series, exploring why to use design thinking for strategy development. (To start at the beginning, read part 1 here.) How to Develop Your Strategy Using Design Design thinking is generally applied to product problems, but design can be used on any complex problem – including developing your […]

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