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Information Life cycle Management using ILM Data Archive

Enterprises are trying to make the most of the BI and building their own EDW [ Enterprise Data Warehouse ] to aid the in-house growth and maximise output where ever possible by analysing all the data available to them. In this process they are inevitably facing the problem of the excess data that gets captured over time. What happens when a legacy application is retired? Where does all its data go? Comes in Information Life cycle Management to address all these problems.

The older data which either expired or no longer needed to make the mission critical decisions are either purged or moved to different alternate database where it gets stored until comes the time to purge them as well. What happens when there is space constraint to store these data or a need be to use them in the future?

Informatica ILM Data Archive, a tool specifically tailored to answer all the above questions.

Why Informatica ILM Data Archive?

  • Easy to develop in a short span of time the code needed to archive the old records.
  • It comes preloaded with features and accelerators [Informatica proprietary] that makes it that much easier to use with many applications like PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, Siebel Applications, Healthcare domain data, etc.
  • The retired data could be moved to other databases or Informatica Data Vault which compresses data up to 98% to save space.
  • Streamlined flow for Application retirement.
  • Data Discovery search of offline archived or retired data.
  • Retention policies for archived or retired data
  • Purging of expired data based on retention policies and expiration date.

Use Cases for Data Archive

  • Performance: To address the production database performance issues due to its huge volume.
  • Compliance: To meet long-term data retention, legal and regulatory compliance requirements. Customizations at metadata level.
  • Retirement: To address retirement of legacy applications.

Benefits of using Informatica ILM Data Archive:

  • Improve production database performance.
  • Maintain complete application integrity.
  • Comply with data retention regulations.
  • Retire legacy applications.
  • High degree of compression reduces application storage footprint.
  • Enable accessibility to archived data.
  • Immutability ensures data authenticity for compliance audits.
  • Reduce legal risk for data retention compliance.


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