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Optimized Global Delivery

What It Takes to Deliver Successful Global Engagements

QA Solution for SharePoint Upgrade

1. Goals for testing upgrades As SharePoint gets stronger and stronger, SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 have more new features and abilities. Enterprise can provide more functionality to business users with less customization and at a lower cost. According to the upgrading solutions, QA strategy needs to ensure that sites are upgraded seamlessly at first, […]

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Performing a Functional Test for ETL from MySQL to MongoDB

MySQL has been a very popular DBMS and was chosen for many application systems since it is open source and easy to use. In NoSQL, MongoDB is becoming popular and is being applied in application development and the big data analytics field. In one of my colleague’s blog posts, he discusses that we built an […]

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Integrating AEM with Salesforce – Part 2

Christine introduced how to integrate AEM with Salesforce by using the OOTB Salesforce plugin in Part1. We know how to create a connected app in Salesforce, connect it and use it do simple query operations via the OOTB plugin. But how can we do customized CRUD in our real project? In this part, I will discuss […]

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The Importance of Accessibility Testing for Portals and Websites

Why Accessibility Testing is Important Accessibility testing has great importance and relevance for all portals or websites. Its usage has often been questioned, which is not right in my opinion. Any portal or website should have a long-term vision for its audience. Adding capabilities or corrections for accessibility much later increases the cost of new […]

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How to Customize Your Own HTML5 Audio Player

Introduction Web developers have wanted to use audio and video on the web for quite a long time. With the standardization of HTML5 and most modern browsers starting to implement HML5, it’s been a great surprise for us. In the past, implementing audio and video in a web application would be very tedious since we […]

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A Lean Thinking Perspective of Agile

Over the past couple of decades, Agile and Lean have been steadily gaining popularity in various fields and industries. People are having lots of discussion on agile and lean, and trying to compare the differences and benefits. By learning what is agile and what is lean, you may find that they have a lot of […]

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Simplify Big Data Using MapReduce to Achieve Analytics

Bigdata is generally a lot of data produced very quickly in many different forms. Data might include customer transactional histories, production databases, web traffic logs, online videos, social media interactions, and so forth. The challenge for Data Management can be coined by three V’s” – “volume, velocity and variety. Big Data is special because it […]

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Using Cool ECMAScript 6

What is ECMAScript? In brief, ECMAScript is a standard for JavaScript, and JavaScript is actually an implementation of ECMAScript. Here’s a JavaScript history timeline from webapplog.com, which will help you to understand it. JavaScript was born as LiveScript in 1995 In 1997, ECMAScript standards were established In 1999 ES3 came out and IE5 became very popular […]

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Search Using the Result Source Name with O365 Search REST API

When our team performs code refactoring on custom web parts, the following two objectives are identified with the team: Apply REST API instead of JavaScript CSOM to get better performance. Remove as many configurations as possible. There are lots of web parts retrieving data via the search query (CSOM) and each of them contains a […]

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Building a Near Real-Time Dashboard with Big Data Platforms

At the start of the year, we launched an internal effort to build an internal dashboard for employees, to provide a full view of employee personas, performance, the growth of employee skills, machine log monitoring etc. Especially for the machine log, the server produces 1 terabyte of information every week, on which we were able to […]

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