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Ryan Johnson is a lead consultant specializing in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing as part of the IBM Business Analytics group. He has extensive education in the area with a master of science in business intelligence and specialized training to accompany his many successful client engagements.

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Solution-Focused Product Sales and …Football?

In the after glow of the suspect lighting at the Super Bowl, I’d like to present an analogy of solution-focused product sales in business analytics to the game of football. Before I tackle the analogy, let’s first huddle-up and discuss the X’s and O’s of solution-focused sales delivery. Long gone are the good old days […]

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Business Intelligence Buzzwords: Taking the Good With the Bad

One of the most important aspects in the progression of business intelligence is the use of buzzwords. These words drive interest in the field and provide common language between the world of technology and business to steer initiatives. However, in an ever-changing industry it is difficult to pinpoint standard definitions. Buzzwords often overextend their original […]

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From Decision Management to Predictive Analytics: IBM SPSS

IBM SPSS has been getting a lot of attention lately due to increasing interest in buzz words such as big data, predictive analytics, data mining and statistical analysis. Additionally, the latest version of SPSS Statistics (version 21.0) was also released this month. But what is SPSS and how does it fit within the current solutions […]

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Google makes BI push with Cloud Platform Partner Program

One of the more notable announcements in the last month was that of Google’s Cloud Platform Partner Program. The platform currently offers Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Google BigQuery, and Google Cloud Storage. The partner program is designed to extend the use of these applications by allowing integration of other Technology Partner applications as well as expanding implementation options […]

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Make the Best of Current BI First

A recent article on Computerworld.com, “15 tips on how to get more from Business Intelligence data,” brings up a great perspective when looking at Business Intelligence initiatives. While the popular topics of  big data and self-service BI may resemble the shiny new mountain bike in the window, what sort of polishing can you do to […]

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“What is MDM?” – Video Overviews

Today we are going to look at a widely used acronym in business intelligence called MDM, or Master Data Management. Sure you have heard it before, but it is often tossed in with a series of other acronyms without much context. So what is MDM in a practical context?

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Financial Services Sees Big Value In Big Data: Top 10 Trends

SunGard has identified ten primary trends that have been shaping the financial services industry’s use of big data in 2012. These trends cover wide-ranging drivers such as predictive analytics, compliance, mobile and globalization. To accompany the list, Neil Palmer and Michael Versace (global research director at IDC Financial Insights) discuss these trends in more detail via webcast. Below is SunGard’s […]

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Call from Forrester for (un)balanced BI approach

A recent Forrester Research report loosely applies the 80/20 rule to a company’s BI environment. In this case, 80% of BI requests should be handled by users themselves while 20% should be handled by the IT-driven, enterprise-wide applications. This is a heavy swing that encourages the influx of self-service BI platforms. The primary reason for this shift is the growing demand for […]

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Zoho CRM Adds Business Intelligence Reporting

ZOHO Corp. is  best known for its Zoho suite of on-line business applications. The company was founded in 1996 and  has been growing its offering of products since.  While the Zoho CRM application has been in its latest version since last December, Zoho is now adding business intelligence reporting and analytics. This will include over […]

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Teradata Talks Enterprise Data Integration

Teradata has been long been known for its powerful data systems and drive to push benchmarks for large data volumes. In fact, in 1992 Teradata built a first of its kind system for Wal-Mart, capable of  handling 1 terabyte of data. One of the main advantages to routinely working with very large data sizes is the exposure to integration, data […]

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