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Listening Deeply: Using Text Mining on Social Media Data

Social media means big business for a lot of brands.  Many companies jump into social media outlets with great gusto and litter the place with ethusiastic diatribes about how great they are.  They release tweets with no greater value proposition than “try our great product now”, and then they wonder why their social media efforts are not […]

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Customer-Centric Business Intelligence: Predicting the Future

Faster analysis and decision making can create a powerful strategic advantage.  Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) can be used as a powerful diagnostic tool through the use of automated scorecards and dashboards.  A company can identify potential flaws and short-comings in the cause-and-effect relationships that drive company performance.  Reaction times can be cut from hours and […]

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Customer-Centric Business Intelligence: Viewing Customers through the Dashboard

The customer-centric scorecard provides managers with the vital customer data that drives performance.  Using the scorecard and dashboards, managers are not only able to watch the long term trends in customer data, but they can also be alerted when shifts and changes in the customer base require action.  Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) creates additional value […]

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Customer-Centric Business Intelligence: Capturing Customer Data

In order to create a customer-centric organization that capitalizes on the power of Business Intelligence, companies must identify the goals they would like to achieve and incorporate them into a formal business strategy.  The strategy map found in the balanced scorecard approach is a widely-used method for achieving this challenging task. Ultimately, understanding your customers […]

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Customer-Centric Business Intelligence

In this competitive business marketplace, organizations face increased pressure to forecast business conditions that allow employees to react and drive value from data.  How a company evaluates employee performance has a strong impact on behavior.  Even a company replete with intrinsically motivated employees can fail to be successful if management does not provide employees with […]

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Eliminating Dirty Data from your Sustainability Report

Today is the last day of the July-June fiscal year, which means many organizations, such as Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Ford Motor Company, are winding down the period covered under their annual Sustainability Report.  There are many reasons that these organizations choose to release sustainability reports.  Many believe these reports lend an air of […]

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