Crafting Well-Built Commerce for Jordan’s Furniture

The retail industry across the board understands the importance of delivering an omni-channel customer experience. Even the furniture industry is feeling the effects as pure-play eCommerce retailers like Wayfair and chip away at market share.

However, most consumers want to be able to see finished products in a retail setting, especially when it comes to high-dollar items like home furnishings. The shopping experience tends to be one that’s done over a longer period of time and across many channels. Consider this:

31% of consumers research furniture online, and then buy in-store

19% of consumers look at products in-store, and then buy online

Source: “A Deep Dive into the Home Furniture Shopping Journey,” Google, 2015

It’s imperative for retailers in the furniture industry to up their game when it comes to eCommerce.  Jordan’s Furniture is among our client success stories of a retailer that’s made great strides in improving the omni-channel experience for its customers.

For nearly 100 years, Jordan’s Furniture has furnished homes in the Northeast region of the U.S., offering the largest selection of brand-name furniture, mattresses, and home décor options across its retail locations.

While Jordan’s Furniture had a user-friendly website for customers researching products, it was using outdated eCommerce and CMS platforms to store product information.  With five product data sources, the merchandising team struggled with time-to-market and lacked functionality to manage product information efficiently.  Additionally, the team wanted to tightly integrate its product catalog, website and site search, and add eCommerce capabilities.

Jordan’s Furniture wanted a solution that could effectively handle its large number of products and SKUs and position the company for growth.

By integrating inRiver, a product information management (PIM) platform, with the existing content management system for Jordan’s Furniture, we reduced product data sources from five to one.

“We were searching for a PIM solution that would integrate well with our current web solution – an integral part of our operation. Perficient brought inRiver PIM to our attention because it was a flexible solution that could become the focal point for all of our product information,” said Peter Clark, Vice President of Information Systems, Jordan’s Furniture.

The solution significantly reduces the time it takes to adjust and load new product information onto the website, and provides added publishing control. With a more intuitive user experience, the merchandising team at Jordan’s Furniture can easily enhance the product information on a regular basis when change requests and updates come from marketing or product development teams.

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