A Consultant Perspective: How Product Innovation Teams Can Successfully Bring a Product to Market

Product innovation teams can have a multitude of ideas or designs for products that will forever change the way their client’s businesses work, as well as how consumers interact with them. But successfully reaching that point is often difficult. Launching a product that benefits the client and makes it to market successfully is a double […]

Y Is For Yearly Impact

Y is for Yearly Impact

While it is important to have a regular cadence of measurement, looking at your yearly impact from marketing efforts helps shed light on bigger behavior trends.

K Is For Kpis

K is for Key Performance Indicator

Want to know how your organization is performing against business objectives? Well then get your KPIs defined and ready.

G Is For Goals

G is for Goals

Goals give insight into what users want/need to achieve, and also serve as a measurement tool for how users are engaging and if the experience we have delivered is helping them accomplish their job-to-be-done.

D Is For Data

D is for Data

Data is one of THE most important factors when it comes to strategy and marketing. Data helps to inform the plan for engaging and delivering the best customer experience through digital channels and assets.

Sitecore And Google Analytics

Sitecore & Google Analytics: An Argument for Both!

We are all about data-driven marketing and actionable insights from data, but when you collect data in multiple places, things can get sticky. Let’s see how to best use data from these systems.