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My Themes and Recommended Sessions for Adobe Summit 2020

Monday evening I was notified by Outlook that it was time for Perficient’s annual pre-Summit dinner, the first time I’ve not been to Las Vegas in March since Summit moved from Salt Lake City. While I am glad that Adobe has taken measures for the safety of our community, colleagues and family, I will miss […]

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Combining Online & Offline Data in Automotive – Part Three

In the past two posts I explored the topic of automotive companies merging online and offline data to build better customer profiles and better understand their consumer base. In the first post, I discussed the data landscape in automotive and the overall need to combine online and offline data. In the second post, I focused […]

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Digital Lifelines, the Weakest Link and True Personalization—Debrief of Digital and COVID-19 (Wk 1)

Tremendous change continues to happen daily as COVID-19 forces all of us into a new reality. As people practice social distancing and are forced to work from home and stores along with other gathering places close, digital channels become a critical connection to the outside world for us as social creatures. Trends are already emerging […]

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Did We Plan for This? A Look at B2B eCommerce Disaster Planning

Do we have a disaster preparedness plan for this? Can we stop our customers from hoarding product? What can we do today? Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the answers to these questions are now needed for B2B businesses, especially those who depend on eCommerce for their day-to-day activities. Though we hope this COVID-19 outbreak will pass […]

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Security Threat Assessment Modeling

Security threat assessment models are an important tool of an overall security and compliance program.  In order to create an effective set of security policies, it is necessary to understand the types of threats, their likelihood of occurrence, the impact of a breach/incident, and how the business can mitigate or control against these threats.  There […]

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What Is Digital? – Part 2

In the first installment of this series, we explored the definitions of “digital” preferred by Perficient clients and other digital professionals. This episode continues our exploration into the nature of digital. We’ll look at the business benefits expected of digital, innovations associated with it, and attitudinal trends shaping investments in digital. Digital by Association In […]

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DevSecOps Release – Product Owner

The Product Owner plays a particularly important role in DevSecOps and release coordination. In this final blog post on DevSecOps and release coordination, we will explore the Product Owner persona. So far we have met the Release Coordinator, Security Architect, and the Operations Coordinator.  Together with these other three key members of the release team, the […]

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