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Agile Process Diagram With iRise Enterprise Visualization

Over that last few months, I have been tasked with creating some process diagrams for specific customer accounts.  The one I included below shows, in a very detailed manner, how iRise fits into an Agile process.  This specific customer is using a SCRUM Methodology, so we worked with them to ensure it was successful.   […]

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Don’t Pave the Cow Path

Don’t pave the cow path Recently I had the great opportunity to provide BPM training to a client embarking on a BPM program.  The CIO kicked off the 2 day BPM training with “Don’t pave the cow path”.  His message was, don’t look at how we do business today but instead look at how we […]

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iRise Visualization Helps FedEx Improve Process

In a recent article in CIO magazine FedEx CIO, Rob Carter is speeding software delivery with the use of a visualization tool called iRise.  The visualization tool helped members of FedEx’s design team simulate what a new software feature might look like before introducing it to the customers.  They also used the tool to brainstorm with the […]

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6 Reasons to Visualize Every Project with iRise

Ever wish you could see your latest software before it’s near done. Visualization software like iRise allows you to be involved with the development process and make changes while there’s still time to customize the products to meet your needs. In short, you improve your SDLC process by visualizing your project first.  Here are six […]

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BPM Where to Start?

BPM Where to Start? A lot has been written about Business Process Management and most executives at various organizations are looking to incorporate BPM Solutions into their existing IT Implementations. But every time I sit in a meeting the question which comes up is where do we start and what technology to choose. For most […]

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