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How do you measure risk?

The first thing you have to ask yourself is, “What truly is the risk I need to measure?”  The biggest risk to any IT project is how well you measure risk itself.  According to Doug Hubbard, a leader in this industry. “The biggest problems or those with the  highest risk are the ones that get […]

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If a tree falls… a Comparison to BPM

If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one is around, will it make a noise? Please click on the following link to read the entire blog post –

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BPM and its 3 Letter Cousins

Just as business organizations are being swept over by the grandiose of Business Process Management (BPM), its lesser or equal known cousins have tagged along to share the limelight. They make appearances in BPM discussions and ring a ‘whazzat!?’ in the minds behind the twitching eyebrow. Allow me to introduce the 3 letter cousins of […]

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Top down or bottoms up? How do you approach a BPM project?

During a recent conversation with a potential client regarding the benefits of BPM and our approach to BPM, we got into a great discussion about when a top down, define the high-level activities and supporting activities, then align the company strategy to ensure the new or updated processes as designed fit  with the goals and […]

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Which came first in BPM: The chicken or the egg?

As a spin-off of the age old question “which came first, the chicken or the egg”, from a BPM perspective, which came first, data or activities? I think it is safe to say that both are important components of a process, activities need information to consume and produce and information is driven and developed by […]

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Mergers and Acquisitions and BPM

Recently I had a great conversation with a potential client regarding how BPM can help him make two departments from two recently merged companies more efficient. He stated that their systems are different, their processes vary and most importantly, they have two different cultural approaches to conducting business. My recommendation was the following 4 step […]

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The Problem With Software Definition

There is an amazing video located here that speaks to the root cause of software definition project failure.  The claim is that the number one problem is that TEXT IS AMBIGUOUS. Two words like the description below, can mean different things to different people, Imagine what problems 10,000 words could cause. So a group of […]

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Agile Process Diagram With iRise Enterprise Visualization

Over that last few months, I have been tasked with creating some process diagrams for specific customer accounts.  The one I included below shows, in a very detailed manner, how iRise fits into an Agile process.  This specific customer is using a SCRUM Methodology, so we worked with them to ensure it was successful.   […]

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Trends in Business Process Management Initiatives

In recent years, the Business Process Management (BPM) market has seen impressive performance from IBM, Pegasystems, Oracle and various other technology industry leaders. Top BPM players have posted solid financial results and organizations who have implemented BPM solutions have started reaping significant ROI.  According to IDC, a technology market research firm, in 2010 revenues from BPM […]

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Don’t Pave the Cow Path

Don’t pave the cow path Recently I had the great opportunity to provide BPM training to a client embarking on a BPM program.  The CIO kicked off the 2 day BPM training with “Don’t pave the cow path”.  His message was, don’t look at how we do business today but instead look at how we […]

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