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Impact 2012 BPM Annoucements and BPM Trends

In one of my older blog post (Trends in Business Process Management Initiatives), I had tried to gaze into the crystal ball of BPM and predicted some trends to look forward to, in future BPMS versions. At IBM Impact 2012…it was time to corroborate mine and BPM community expectations with IBM’s new BPM offering. Phil […]

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BPM and its 3 Letter Cousins

Just as business organizations are being swept over by the grandiose of Business Process Management (BPM), its lesser or equal known cousins have tagged along to share the limelight. They make appearances in BPM discussions and ring a ‘whazzat!?’ in the minds behind the twitching eyebrow. Allow me to introduce the 3 letter cousins of […]

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Trends in Business Process Management Initiatives

In recent years, the Business Process Management (BPM) market has seen impressive performance from IBM, Pegasystems, Oracle and various other technology industry leaders. Top BPM players have posted solid financial results and organizations who have implemented BPM solutions have started reaping significant ROI.  According to IDC, a technology market research firm, in 2010 revenues from BPM […]

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BPM Where to Start?

BPM Where to Start? A lot has been written about Business Process Management and most executives at various organizations are looking to incorporate BPM Solutions into their existing IT Implementations. But every time I sit in a meeting the question which comes up is where do we start and what technology to choose. For most […]

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