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Comply with Dodd-Frank Banking Regulations

The implementation of a new regulation can be a daunting task, from trying to figure out what needs to change and how to implement and communicate those changes. Jeff Fisher and Kevin Feldhus collaborated on how to implement the Dodd-Frank banking regulations on a banks business process. Please read more at:

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The Alignment of Six Sigma and BPM

Six sigma and BPM are both techniques to improve an organizations business processes. Read more to learn about how they can be used in a complimentary fashion:  

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to BPM Success

Like Dorothy, the Scare Crow, the Tin Man, and the Lion in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, follow the yellow brick road for BPM success.  Please read more at –

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Two Common BPM Project Planning Patterns

When crunched for time, be it on a project, or trying to get to your next meeting, or preparing a RFP that is due soon, the tendency is to find shortcuts or whole-cuts, anything that will help reach that deadline. The trade-off is, you may reach a deadline, but what was removed or simplified? Please […]

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TLA and BPM: How Three-Letter Acronyms Pose Risk of Failure

Vishal Rajpal wrote a great blog about all of the different acronyms around “Business Process Management”, which, when coupled with a recent meeting experience, prompted me to write this blog regarding defining terms in business processes. A key to success in business process managment is to clearly define any and all acronyms, especially if you are […]

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What Jello and BPM have in common

Interesting analogy, comparing jello to BPM. But you may find they have a lot in common, once you open box.  Read more at the following link:

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BPM and Back in My Day

Businesses need to adapt new technology in a smart and effective manner in order to survive and grow. Process innovation by leveraging current state models can be a key competitive differentiator.  Please read more at:

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Six Sigma and BPM Alignment

Introduction: Quote – Redesign is for innovating a process, lean is to remove waste from the process and six sigma is a technique to eliminate defects in products and services. – “How Work Gets Done” by Artie Mahal Six Sigma is a standard that has been successfully used by multiple companies to improve the quality […]

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Myers-Briggs and BPM

Can the Myers-Briggs personality test be adapted to a business process? After all, a business process could have predictable or unpredictable outcomes. It could be outward facing to customers or inward facing to the organization. It could be very rigid or allow for multiple variations. Read more by clicking on the following link:  

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