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The Problem With Software Definition

There is an amazing video located here that speaks to the root cause of software definition project failure.  The claim is that the number one problem is that TEXT IS AMBIGUOUS. Two words like the description below, can mean different things to different people, Imagine what problems 10,000 words could cause.

So a group of IT developers gets a documents of 10,000 words or more, along with lots of time and money, to create what the Stakeholders want.  Weeks/Months later, they come back with what was developed and guess what, they hate it.  The primary reasons for this systemic failure are.

1. The Business Analyst misinterpreted some of what the business stakeholders asked for.

2. The IT developers misinterpreted some of what the Business Analyst asked for.

3. Things they thought they wanted, they really don’t need.

4.  A bunch of stuff is missing, that they did need, because they didn’t know to ask for it unless they were able to see the final application and make that determination.

5. And by the way, someone forgot to put a SUBMIT button on the change password form!

So now the business has to go back and figure out how much more time they need to fix the software and complete the project. And once again, this all happened because text is ambiguous.

Albert Einstein said “If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it”.


The solution is to create a process that allows the users, stakeholders, decision makers and IT developers to test drive the software before it is even built. Wireframes and pictures do not let you interact with the proposed solution, thus limiting the project success to an interpretation. Currently there are many technologies that try to accomplish this, but iRise is hands down the leader of the pack.

Using visualization in your Agile or Waterfall process drastically decreases your project timeline and budget.  You no longer have to settle for cost overruns and misinterpreted requirements. Visualization is the way all projects will be done in the near future.  Are you on the right track?

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