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Agile Process Diagram With iRise Enterprise Visualization

Over that last few months, I have been tasked with creating some process diagrams for specific customer accounts.  The one I included below shows, in a very detailed manner, how iRise fits into an Agile process.  This specific customer is using a SCRUM Methodology, so we worked with them to ensure it was successful.


The first thing you need to understand about making an Agile process map is, EVERYONE think they know what agile is, but few actually do.

Once that has been established, the next important step to take is to understand what other tools needs to be used inside of the process and exactly how they will integrate into each sprint.

After those two items have been figured out, you can make some very good speculations about where a tool like iRise will fit.  The basic idea is that you will start each sprint with a visualization exercise for roughly 2-3 days, this will lead into stakeholder and user review sessions, which will help the Requirements Visualization Expert (RVE) tweak the simulation before development gets their hands on it.  Once the idoc has been agreed upon for that sprint, no further changes can be made, unless you are up for risking the success of that sprint.

The next two items are something that gives Enterprise Visualization the marginal utility in a Sprint Process.

1. When development is occurring, the RVE can begin visualizing the next sprint to further help the velocity of the entire project
2. Testing teams can begin to write test scripts using the simulation, before they even see the first development build.

When working with an Agile Process, iRise Enterprise Visualization truly increases velocity of the overall project by ensuring the sprint development and testing is more successful and filled with less bugs to fix.

8 thoughts on “Agile Process Diagram With iRise Enterprise Visualization

  1. Swell chart. Just curious how irise fit’s into this? Couldn’t this been done with Powerpoint? Irise is like… 7 grand or something.

    1. Dustin Bosscher Post author

      iRise is a simulation tool, and can fully visualize all functionality, where as Powerpoint at best can only do screen shots. iRise fits into this chart where you see the green flow. The ROI on a project that does not have cost overruns due to bad requirements more than covers the cost of a license. That being said, there a many options for licensing.

    1. Dustin Bosscher Post author

      Thank you Steve. Since we’ve started an Enterprise Visualization Practice here at Perficient, I will be blogging a couple times a week about visualization. I hope it can be of help to others in the industry.


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