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Trends in Business Process Management Initiatives

In recent years, the Business Process Management (BPM) market has seen impressive performance from IBM, Pegasystems, Oracle and various other technology industry leaders. Top BPM players have posted solid financial results and organizations who have implemented BPM solutions have started reaping significant ROI.  According to IDC, a technology market research firm, in 2010 revenues from BPM and middleware totaled nearly $16.1 billion, representing a growth of 9.2% compared to a growth rate of 2.2% in 2009. Extended adoption, standardization and consolidation in the BPM vendor offerings are key reasons for this positive trend.

Riding high on the wave of success, speculations about the future of BPM have begun to emerge. It’s only too obvious to imagine, how the emerging and fast mutating technologies of mobile computing, cloud architecture and social networking would impact business processes in organizations and effectively the evolution of BPM.


Here are some key trends I have been involved in discussions with various technology executives regarding BPM. The following trends are helping to expand the adoption of BPM and the scope of BPM initiatives:

  • BPM Solutions are not only used for process automation and process improvement initiatives but also as a mechanism for standardizing, optimizing and formalizing business processes.
  • Availability of specialized cloud offerings from various BPMS vendors are making it easier to start with BPM initiatives
  • Expanding inflight BPM implementations to include new points of engagement tied to “mobile” and “social” platforms.
  • Case Management combined with BPM is helping figure out an easy way to help deal with collaborative and unstructured processes.

Where is your organization at in your BPM journey? Are you leveraging or planning for any of these as part of your BPM initiative? If not please start considering them

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3 thoughts on “Trends in Business Process Management Initiatives

  1. Shweta and Vishal, I think the second and the most important aspect is security and AgilePoint BPM system has taken care on that part. More than 2000 industries has incorporated its BPMS in their processes. Would like you to access it there. Feeling great to be here and specially on this thread. Thanks

  2. An interesting starting point to what next in BPM!

    When people talk about BPM in cloud, it covers two aspects i.e. the modeling/design process itself and the execution/solution implementation. There are an increasing number of cloud-based process design solutions but what is lagging is the second aspect, the implementation. Security, being the biggest concerns. But an effective security strategy is surely on the horizon.

    1. Vishal Rajpal Post author

      Interesting point – A few years ago this would be a challenge however today Cloud is one of the most important trends in BPM and there are a lot of options in the market today which cover both aspects viz. Modeling/Design as well as execution for BPM in the cloud. Most large BPM vendors have offerings in place today both as a SAAS model and an on premise model where we need something behind the firewall.

      IBM Blueworks Live and IBM SmartCloud are 2 options from IBM which I have personally evaluated and there are others. I can probably cover Cloud BPM options on a future post.


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