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6 Reasons to Visualize Every Project with iRise

Ever wish you could see your latest software before it’s near done. Visualization software like iRise allows you to be involved with the development process and make changes while there’s still time to customize the products to meet your needs.

In short, you improve your SDLC process by visualizing your project first.  Here are six reasons why every project should integrate visualization into its process.

1. Development time frames are shrinking. Competitive pressures and faster device deployment cycles are having a profound impact on software development. Projects that used to take 6, 12 or 18 months to complete are now done in a fraction of time.  Many are now completed in as little as 3 months.

2. Business software is becoming “consumerized.” Smartphone apps, iPads, iPhones and GPS devices have changed expectations of how elegant software needs to be. People increasingly expect the same kind of experience whether they’re watching a movie, checking their email, doing their banking or using a business application at their desk.

3. Written software requirements are a 30-year-old choke point. Agile software development is standard practice—yet many companies still use a written process to communicate requirements between IT and business analysts.  With visualization, working software—a key milestone in the Agile process—occurs in as little as half the time.

4. Business analysts can visualize before prototyping. Visualization transforms the heart of software development—people-to-people interaction—by actually enabling non-technical business analysts to create working models of their projects in just hours. By sharing these models with developers before prototypes are initiated, miscommunication is eliminated.

5. Project costs cut by an average of 30 percent. After thousands of projects completed using visualization, developers across a broad range of industries report total development costs are reduced by nearly one-third.

6. Total software development time is cut by half.  By eliminating written specifications, enabling people from different disciplines to collaborate, and simplifying the process of designing elegant user interfaces, visualization has been proven to get applications to market twice as fast, on average.​

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