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BPM Where to Start?

BPM Where to Start?

A lot has been written about Business Process Management and most executives at various organizations are looking to incorporate BPM Solutions into their existing IT Implementations. But every time I sit in a meeting the question which comes up is where do we start and what technology to choose. For most organizations it is a challenging area to venture into. So if you are reading this post be assured there are many of you. Although BPM technology has become mature to incorporate the full roundtrip from modeling, simulation, analysis, monitoring and enhancement. The segmentation of enterprise technology related to IT like Enterprise Application Integration, Business Intelligence and Analytics make to difficult to decision makers to figure out a way to acquire different solutions and integrate them together.
Based on my interaction with various customers here are some points to consider. These may not be the guidelines to follow a successful BPM journey but definitely help ensure a disciplined approach in place.

First of all – it does make sense to first start by getting a good handle on your organizational processes and the areas which need automation and improvement. Next it definitely makes sense to get a high level perspective investigating areas which help segregate Human Centric processes from automated ones and identify where both types play a role. It also helps to understand the complexity of the various processes which includes details on their life as in short running or long running as well as the scalability requirements around them.

Next is to look at the available BPM vendor offerings in the marketplace and build a blue print of their capabilities and what is important to your organization. This could be something which your organization could do internally or rely on integrators like Perficient to help provide a guidebook which ranks various BPM providers on various areas related to BPM and ties this to your organizational BPM Maturity and the vision both in the short term and long term. This Blueprint not only acts as a guidebook during the vendor selection process but also helps build a strategic BPM roadmap for the entire organizational connecting various business operational and technology goals. It is also important to ensure that the key business requirements and priorities drive the roadmap. The technology should be a means to fulfill the business requirements and provide the necessary bells and whistles needed to get there fast enough.

Most organizations use these blueprints in line with internal Proof of Concept or Proof of Technology projects tied to their strategic initiatives or use cases to start their BPM journey.


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