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How to Connect to a Sitecore-Managed Azure Search Index with Azure Search API

Creating a search context to perform your search queries should be easy right? With Sitecore’s Content Search API, it is as easy as passing in the literal name of the index as a parameter into a ContentSearchManager method. Connecting to a Sitecore-Managed Azure Search Index to perform queries using Azure Search API adds some complexity […]

Perficient team gives back

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Operation Christmas Child

Holiday season is upon us! My Atlanta-based Perficient colleagues recently participated in Operation Christmas Child. Our team packed and wrapped gifts to send to children around the world affected by war, poverty, and disaster. This season, as with every season, we have lots to be grateful for, and we should keep those who are in […]

Computer And Tools

Azure Search API with Sitecore Tips and Tricks

Fuzzy search. Synonym matching. Escaping special characters in the user input. How does one provide a quality search component in Sitecore that allows for user text input? Your site’s users will come to expect your site’s search experience to be “Google-like”. The intent of this blog post is to consolidate various uses of the Azure […]

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Programmatically Creating Synonym Maps in Azure Search with Sitecore

When performing searches in your Sitecore site, users may not know the exact term they should be using to get quality search results. For example, a user on a healthcare site may search the term “heart” expecting search results related to terms like “cardiovascular” or “chest.” Even further, some search results may not even contain […]

How to Wire up Autocomplete in Sitecore

Popular search engines make use of autocomplete. It helps predict what users are looking for. If a user is unsure of what they are trying to find, autocomplete can help users find exactly what they are trying to find. This blog post will show you how to provide this predictive feature for your search box […]


What is Coming to Sitecore 9.3 and Beyond

What a fantastic week! Sitecore Symposium was this week. There were a lot of announcements about what is coming to Sitecore in the near future. Sitecore 9.3’s release is imminent. This blog post is about what has me the most excited for this release and beyond. There are three major Sitecore development approaches with Sitecore […]

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Failed Sitecore Installation Clean Up Checklist

The Sitecore installation scripts error out before completion – what now? In this post I will walk you through what needs to be done before re-running the scripts. You need to go through and delete the bits that were installed up until the point of failure. If you don’t clean out these bits, you may […]

Perficient Employees at ACFB

Perficient Atlanta Team Helps Out at the Atlanta Community Food Bank

This past month Perficient Atlanta members volunteered a Saturday morning to help the community at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The ACFB’s mission is to help provide for the food-insecure in the Greater Atlanta area. When parents have to make the difficult decision between feeding themselves and their children or paying bills, the food bank […]

Optimizing Your Solr Search Query

Solr search queries of your index are blazing fast. At least they should be, right? Have you ever run into a Solr search query that takes an abnormal amount of time? If so, then this blog post is for you. There are a few tricks you can employ to speed the query up. Even if […]

Perficient Atlanta Team Sends a Piece of Home to Deployed Troops

Helping others is a great way to build camaraderie with your colleagues. Pulling together for a good cause brings the office closer. Our Perficient Atlanta office recently did just that for the Adopt-a-Soldier program. This isn’t the first time the office has participated in this program, and it definitely will not be the last time. […]