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Sitecore User Group Cleveland with Coveo eCommerce and xMarketing

Sitecore User Group Cleveland’s (SUGCLE) latest meetup was an exciting combination of Coveo Machine Learning with eCommerce and Accelerating the xMarketing capabilites of Sitecore. Representatives from Coveo and Paragon Consulting presented 2 different topics that complimented each other very well. Vincent Bernard, Coveo Solution Architect and Isabel Tinoco, Coveo Alliance Manager – Sitecore, presented on the topic of Coveo Machine […]

SOLR Failure Brings Down Live Sitecore Site

Recently, a client’s live Sitecore site was brought down completely by a failure in the SOLR search provider service. Immediately we tracked down the root cause of the issue and set to work on resolving it. I’ll start with the root cause and continue on with the steps that were taken to prevent Sitecore from […]

Sitecore FXM Unable to locate JavaScript beacon on external site

Federated Experience Manager (FXM) is a very useful part of Sitecore, in that it allows end users to add content to and track events on external applications. This is good because it means that clients do not have to convert all of their existing applications into the Sitecore instance to use it’s functionality. In a […]

Display placeholder names in Sitecore Experience Editor

When working in the Sitecore Experience Editor, sometimes it can be a bit annoying to find various placeholders on a page. This can also cause some frustrations for content authors if they aren’t sure what they are looking for. To help with this, I wrote a bit of javascript to display the names of the […]

Publishing Info Stats for Sitecore Items

Publishing information, like who published what and when they published it, isn’t readily available in the Sitecore item information. To find this information we typically have to look into the log.* files. A client requested that publish date and publish author be added to the item information. To accomplish this I found 2 very helpful […]

Multiple email addresses for Workflow notifications

Workflows in Sitecore are an integral part of the content approval process. The email notification action is an important part of that process, in that it lets content approvers know that something is waiting for their attention. Out-of-the-box implementations of the notification actions only support a single email address to receive the messages. This can […]

Getting Started with Sitecore Cookie-Based Personalization Rules

While working on my current project we ran into a requirement to personalize content based on a cookie that is generated on certain actions within the site. Sitecore out-of-the-box personalization rules do not contain a rule to check for cookies and personalize content based on the existence of a cookie or a value contained within it. […]

Sitecore Lucene Info Stream Logs

One of our CD servers started generating a bunch of large Lucene log files that chewed up all of the available disk space. This occurred out of the blue and actually brought the CD server down to a halt. I’m familiar with all of the Sitecore log files that live in the \Data\logs, but these […]

Sitecore Powershell – Add rendering to item

The Sitecore Powershell Module has once again come to the rescue to save me a lot of time in a recent update. We made an update to a left navigation component for mobile views in our responsive site. That being said the component needed to be added to a hundred+ product pages so that the navigation and an […]

Sitecore Powershell – Update field values

The Powershell module for Sitecore is quickly becoming one of my new favorite Sitecore tools. I’m still learning the Sitecore Powershell ropes and with the help of various blog posts, including the series started by Jon Upchurch, I’m slowly getting better with it. This week a project required an update to certain links that were contained […]

Final Rendering Deleted After Item Update

I recently had an issue with the Final Renderings being deleted from my pages after I updated a component in the Experience Editor. After a lot of Googling and working with Sitecore Suppport, we found a solution that resolved the issue for us. This specific resolution was not available in any of the posts that […]

Sitecore – Hidden Gems

Recently I was working with Sitecore Support to resolve an issue that I was running into with a page. During the process they asked me to generate a package of the item from the \admin page. I’ve been working with Sitecore for a few years and used things like the \admin\showconfig.aspx page. But I’ve never […]

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