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Vigneshpandi MarimuthuTechnical Consultant

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How to Establish an Amazon Redshift Connection in DataStage

Amazon Redshift is a data warehouse, which allows us to connect through standard SQL based clients and business intelligence tools effectively. It delivers fast query performance by using row-wise data storage by executing the queries parallel in a cluster on multiple nodes. The primary focus of this blog is to establish the connection between AWS […]

Processing Flat Files in Oracle Database

These days most of the companies are using Oracle as their database to maintain their data. SQL*Plus is the major tool to access the Oracle DB because it is more secure than other tools. Handling flat files in the Oracle DB by using SQL*Plus is difficult one. SQL Loader is the one which is very use […]

Circulo (Looping) logic in Informatica

Many of us have used the looping logic in programming languages or in others tool that we use. Looping logic is when you process each record continuously until it reaches its maximum limit. So, what’s new in looping logic? Let’s see here. In Informatica, it is quite problematic to loop a single record and there […]

HTML Report Generation from Database in Unix

Now-a-days most of the organizations/corporations are still using legacy software which produces output in the form of flat files. Integrating these flat files and text files with other data formats such as HTML, XML, etc. in a modern computing environment is increasingly difficult. Many tools are available in the market to convert flat file to […]

Delving into Web Service through ODI

Today, enterprises are dealing with different data sources and targets, SaS to CRM, Data Warehouse, Social Media, etc.., Integration of data is at the heart of every initiative. Building a Data Warehouse should be initiated from both ETL as well as Data integration perspective. In order to fulfill this requirement, ODI comes into picture. ODI […]