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Vicky Madankar

Vicky Madankar is a technical consultant with over 4 years of development experience. He currently works as a Salesforce developer and loves exploring technology.

Blogs from this Author

Workers tracking order management.

Account Role Optimization in Salesforce Community cloud

Account Role Optimization is a critical process for managing account hierarchies and roles in the Salesforce Community cloud. It can help you scale your external users and minimize the number of account roles that you have to manage in a Community Portal. It allows businesses to control who has access to specific information and functionality […]

Business Network

Version Control using AutoRabit in Salesforce

Version control is a critical component of the software development process, allowing organizations to track changes and collaborate on code development. In the context of Salesforce development, version control is especially important, given the complex and dynamic nature of the platform. This is where AutoRABIT comes into play, providing a comprehensive solution for version control […]

Learning from collaboration

Apex REST Services in Salesforce

Apex REST services are used to expose Salesforce data and functionality via RESTful APIs. They allow developers to create custom endpoints to access data and execute custom logic. In this blog, we will explore the various aspects of Apex REST services and provide some examples to illustrate their usage.              […]

Blockchain Technology With Abstract Background

Custom Metadata Types in Salesforce

Custom Metadata Types are a powerful feature in Salesforce that allows developers to store metadata in a flexible, scalable way. They are essentially custom objects that use to store metadata. Custom Metadata Types make it easy to package and deploy this data across different environments, such as sandboxes and production org. They are stored in […]

Finance And Stock Market Data Graph

Introduction to AutoRABIT in Salesforce

AutoRABIT is an automated Release Management System for Salesforce. AutoRABIT Salesforce helps developers, admins, analysts, and release managers deploy, test, data loading, and sandbox management across multiple Salesforce organizations. In today’s fast-paced world, organizations constantly seek ways to improve their development processes and deliver high-quality applications faster. In the context of Salesforce development, this is […]