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Implementation of IN Clause Using Database Adapter in OSB

This article covers the implementation of the IN clause using DBAdapter in Oracle Service Bus. Normally the IN clause is used to filter the records from database based on multiple values given as input. For example, consider a CustomerDetails table that has the following records: Suppose you want to display the customer’s detail whose city […]

OSB – 12c LDAP Adapter Implementation

This article covers the implementation of the LDAP Adapter in Oracle Service Bus (12c). The LDAP Adapter provides an easy way to integrate with LDAP Servers. In this article we are going to use Apache Directory Studio as the LDAP server and Apache Directory Studio as the LDAP browser. First, you will need to download […]

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OSB-12C REST Adapter Implementation

Implementing REST Adapter in Service Bus This article covers the implementation of REST adapter in Oracle Service Bus (12C). REST adapter allows an easy way of calling/exposing REST services based on a Web Application Description Language (WADL). In this implementation, we are going to call Weather API which is a public REST API by creating […]

IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture

Datacap Taskmaster Capture is a tool that is used for capturing data from scanned documents. This tool provides classification, recognition, validation and verification of data. It captures data using common recognition engines (OCR, ICR, OMR, barcodes) and exports the captured data to an XML file or to a database. It can capture any kind of […]