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Victor Gutierrez

Victor Gutierrez is a business consultant in the Oracle EPM practice. He received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis with a second major in Finance and a minor in General Economics. Although relatively new to the industry, Victor has already assisted in implementing multiple Oracle EPBCS applications, led training sessions to end-users, and given various presentations to customer executives.

Blogs from this Author

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Oracle EPBCS Driver Based Accounts Based Off Other Driver Based Accounts

If you have ever had multiple driver based accounts that are based off other driver based accounts, you may have noticed that when hitting save on a form they do not all fully calculate. In the example below, every account without a trend selected has as its member formula the product of the previous two […]


Five Tips for Success for Entry Level IT Consultants

When first starting out your career as an IT consultant, it can prove quite overwhelming. The typical implementation stages for a traditional waterfall project are requirements gathering, solution design, build, user testing, and application deployment. For a project to be a success, not only does the lead consultant/solution architect have to understand the technical aspects […]

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Oracle EPBCS Single vs Multiple Target Apps to Same Cube

Data Management is a flexible tool within Oracle EPBCS that allows the user to load data into the application via a flat file or source system. The first component of data management is setting up the target application, which defines what cube the data is getting loaded to as well as the dimensions and target […]