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Trevor Miller

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A look at the new Cloud features for Skype4B in Office365

Beginning December 1, 2015, Microsoft will be officially rolling out a number of new features within Office365 that significantly enhance the Skype for Business workloads.  These features have been in preview form for a few months now, but December 1 marks the date where it becomes generally available (GA) for all tenants within Office365, across the […]

Controlling Skype4B Application Sharing Bandwidth

In a previous blog post I talked about how administrators and architects should place more emphasis on planning for application sharing bandwidth in their Skype4B deployments.  Armed with that information, the next logical progression of this blog series continues the focus on application sharing and discusses the available methods within Skype4B to manage and control […]

Skype4B App Share: What in the World Are You Doing to My Network?

For many of the Skype for Business and Lync readers out there, you may think to yourself, “Hey, I’ve seen a similar title like that before…”, and you would be absolutely correct. During Lync Conference 2014, Lync MVP Jeff Schertz gave a fantastic presentation about “Video – What in the World Are You Doing to […]

Ignite 2015 – Monitoring Investments in Skype4B

It’s the typical issue all IT professionals face: a new system is designed, built and deployed to end users, but months down the road issues arise and administrators are faced with the overwhelming task of trying to find root cause to remediate issues. As an IT Pro (in a previous life) this is definitely something […]

Ignite 2015 – Skype4B Mobility Security Improvements

I’ll admit that the title is a bit misleading because much of what existed (in regards to mobility) in Lync Server 2013 still exists in Skype for Business Server 2015.  Unfortunately there has not been a great leap forward in functionality….YET.  The “Yet” is there because there are HUGE improvements forthcoming in the Skype for […]

Managing the Skype Client UI in Skype for Business

With Microsoft officially announcing that they will be upgrading Office365 to utilize the Skype for Business back-end, administrators will need to begin to take actions to prepare themselves and their users for the impact of this update. Note: Since Skype for Business (hereafter, S4B) hasn’t been released to GA yet, this information is still pre-release […]

Lync 2013 SQL Mirroring Witness Gotcha

My colleague, Jason Sloan, has a great blog post on some SQL mirroring issues he encountered during a recent Lync 2013 deployment that I highly recommend everyone read.  This post is intended as an addition to that list with an issue that I discovered during my own Lync 2013 SQL mirroring deployment. Consider the following […]

Installing the Lync 2013 Room System Web Portal

Over the weekend Microsoft released a new Lync Room System Administrative Web Portal add-on to Lync Server 2013.  Not much information is publicly available on this yet, but it is a quick install to get it up and running.  Let’s walk through the installation process and have a look at what exactly gets changed “under […]

Unexpected DNS SRV Error with Lync Server and Exchange Online UM

Configuring Lync Server 2010/2013 for integration with Exchange Online for UM is a relatively straight forward process.  You need a Lync Edge server, federation enabled, proper external DNS SRV records, the appropriate Hosted Voicemail Policy configuration applied to the on-premise Lync environment, and the Exchange Online UM dial plan configured appropriately.  Despite having all that […]

Important Server 2012 ARR Hotfix for Lync

With Forefront TMG discontinued and Forefront UAG not supported for all Lync scenarios (hint, hint:  mobility), customers will be increasingly looking at deploying ARR to serve as their reverse proxy solution for Lync.  The good news is that ARR is fully capable and supported for the reverse proxy role; the bad news is that ARR is still […]