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Toby Gutierrez

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SOLR Spatial Search with Sitecore 9+

First and foremost, what is spatial search or geospatial search as some would say? It the functionality used in searching to search for locations based on a radius from a center point. For instance, let’s just say that I was on a Healthcare website and wanted to find all the healthcare locations within a 10 […]

Best Practices on Sitecore 9 Forms for Development Teams

If you are embarking upon development with Sitecore 9 Forms either with a large OR small development team you will benefit greatly from these tips and best practices. These are put together by our development team who is building Sitecore 9 forms with rather large complexity. These forms included many custom form fields, validations, and […]

Setup and Basic Preparation for Sitecore 9 Installation

Sitecore 9 is out we are all excited to jump in and start using the latest and greatest. So let’s jump in and setup for an XP0 Sitecore installation on our local development machine! George Chang, another Perficient Sitecore MVP, put out a great blog post on How to install Sitecore 9 with the Sitecore Install Framework […]