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Samantha ZiegelLead Business Consultant

Samantha Ziegel has a passion for data, ai, healthcare, technology, information security, and operational effectiveness. She understands the complexities of the technology industry and seeks to provide information and materials to help others navigate the space. Outside of information sharing, as a working mom herself, Samantha is a committed advocate for working parents and enabling them to bring their best self to work and home each day.

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Data Cloud And AI Salesforce

Salesforce – Understanding the Overlap of Data Cloud and AI

In the wild world of artificial intelligence (AI), your vision of how to marry up systems and capabilities can get murky, quick. In fall of 2023, Salesforce hosted their annual expo, Dreamforce. At Dreamforce 2023, it was all about Data + AI + CRM. The team relaunched its Data Cloud platform and ensured exciting, trusted […]

Einstein Perficient Red Black - How to select the right AI tool

AI Tool Selection: How to Pick a Trusted Set of Tools

Organizations are overwhelmed with the volume of generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) tools in the market today. Sequoia and Meritech Capital released the latest version of their AI50 in April of 2023. This map visualizes the top 50 privately held companies in the AI space. Since the updated version was released, a large volume of […]

Istock 1473508658

A Call to Strategic Leaders – Now is the time to Move, Align, and Prepare for AI

Here at Perficient, we work with strategic business partners and enterprise-level clients to drive strategic growth in their digital, data, and operational processes. Since the advent of ChatGPT, I find myself bearing witness to the hyperpaced digital metamorphosis taking place in businesses across the globe. Central to this paradigm shift is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Why […]

Mother With Baby Working At Home

In-Home Daycare vs. Licensed Facility – A Working Mom’s Perspective

Being a new parent in the workforce requires adaptability and resourcefulness. Living in the Midwest, as we anticipated our first child’s arrival in 2020, the finding a reliable, safe, affordable daycare was forefront in our minds. While it proved to be tricky to find an opening for an infant, we endeavored to compare in-home daycares […]

PIM Data Analytics

Data – The Lifeblood of Artificial Intelligence

With all the hype around artificial intelligence (AI), AI can feel complicated, distant, or foreign. But guess what? It’s not new news and it doesn’t need to be complicated; it’s just a revolution of how we leverage data! Let’s take a quick dive into the data-driven universe of AI. For the purposes of this article, […]

Monitoring The Health Of Their Patients

Tackling Healthcare Staffing Shortages with Salesforce and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Aging Populations and Staff Burnout Combine to Create a Perfect Storm for the U.S. Healthcare Staffing Shortage The global population is top-heavy with more than 1 in every 6 Americans falling in the 65 or older age range (AARP, 2023). As the population ages and we see a continued increase in patients with more than […]

Female Doctors Discussing At Laptop Desk

Solving Healthcare Challenges with Digital Health Platforms

To meet clinical, business, and evolving consumer needs, healthcare and life sciences organizations are focused on care delivery that enables innovation in patient engagement, data and analytics, and virtual care. According to Gartner’s 2022 Industry Cloud Survey, about 40% of IT leaders say they have started to adopt industry cloud platforms, with another 15% in […]