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Sonal Wakodikar

Sonal Wakodikar is an Associate Technical Consultant at Perficient. She has more than 1.5 years of experience in the IT industry. Sonal has a strong interest in discovering new technologies. She is driven to impart her knowledge through her blogs.

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Introduction to Accessibility Insights in Accessibility Testing

Introduction to Accessibility Insights The Accessibility Insights extension for Chrome is a tool that helps developers and designers test the accessibility of their web applications. The extension is designed to work with the Accessibility Insights for Web tool, which is a suite of automated and manual accessibility testing tools that can be used to identify […]

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Execution of AXE Tool in Accessibility Testing

This blog is in continuation with Introduction To Axe Tool in Accessibility Testing. I recommend you go through the blog mentioned first for a better understanding. How to Perform Accessibility Testing using the AXE tool Now we will see how to perform accessibility testing using the AXE tool. Make sure that you have already added […]

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Introduction To Axe Tool in Accessibility Testing

What is Accessibility Testing? Accessibility Testing is system testing intended to discover whether system users with disabilities can use it. It is done to ensure that people with disabilities like color blindness, aging, and hearing may use the application. Objectives:  To serve to market for people with disability. To abide by accessibility legislation. To avoid […]