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Suraj Thakur

Suraj Thakur is a Technical Consultant at Perficient, boasting over two years of expertise in cloud technologies. He holds global certifications with RedHat and major cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. Suraj specializes in real-time problem-solving for clients, aiming to share his knowledge and enhance his understanding through blogging.

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Artificial Intelligence Concept

Revolutionizing OpenAI Chatbot UI Deployment with DevSecOps

In the contemporary era of digital platforms, capturing and maintaining user interest stands as a pivotal element determining the triumph of any software. Whether it’s websites or mobile applications, delivering engaging and tailored encounters to users holds utmost significance. In this project, we aim to implement DevSecOps for deploying an OpenAI Chatbot UI, leveraging Kubernetes […]

Upcoming Devops Technology Trends Photo 1

Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Jenkins Server with DevSecOps Tools on AWS EC2.

In this blog post, I will guide you through the process of configuring a Jenkins server integrated with essential tools necessary for constructing a robust DevSecOps pipeline. This tutorial is designed for individuals with foundational knowledge of navigating the AWS console. Prerequisite: AWS Free Tier Account Step1: Jenkin Server Setup on EC instance and installation […]

Deploying Azure Infrastructure With Terraform Using Azure DevOps Pipelines

In this blog post, my objective is to provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the elements required for effectively implementing Azure Infrastructure with Terraform using an Azure DevOps Pipeline. The main purpose is to assist you in grasping the concept of automating the deployment and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure residing in Azure. Before delving into […]

Man with dark hair and mustache wearing a gingham shirt with a watch, large over the ear headphones and looking at a grey computer monitor.

Getting Started with Matillion ETL Tool

In this article, I will show you how you can set up your own Matillion instance, but before we get started Β let’s talk about the Matillion ETL tool. What is Matillion, and why should you care? Matillion is an ETL tool that is available on the Cloud Marketplace. It is completely cloud-based, billed at an […]

Azure Databricks

Transform Your Data with Azure Data Factory

This blog will help you to understand the basic functionality of Azure Data Factory (ADF) and how powerful a tool it is when working with big data. Explore the basic architecture on ADF and get to know the components and services involved. A Quick Intro to Azure Data Factory & Its Key Features ADF is […]