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Sheikh Ayesha Tabassum

Sheikh Ayesha Tabassum is an Associate Technical Consultant at Perficient, focused on ServiceNow. She has experience in Automation Testing using ATF, Integration, ITBM, Virtual Agent Chat Bot, Customer Service Management, and Testing techniques. Ayesha likes to explore new technologies and keep herself updated.

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Reduce IT Cost and Risk Using ServiceNow – Technology Portfolio Management

As organizations continue using technology building blocks from different vendors, it becomes quite tedious to manage and keep track of various technologies. If technologies are not updated periodically, and timely with different versions/models, they eventually turn into a liability to key business functions and products. The underlying technologies of the business applications used in your […]

The Value Of Nearshoring Services: Innovation & Performance

Project Portfolio Management and MS Teams Collaboration

Challenges faced while managing a project: Just like any other project, ServiceNow projects have several challenges, and if these challenges are not dealt with, it usually means that the project will fail to deliver some of the expected criteria/result. ServiceNow Community will agree that the most common challenges in our projects are related to stakeholders, […]

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Automated Test Framework (ATF) in ServiceNow

Challenges with Manual Testing in ServiceNow In most cases, people start with manual testing in ServiceNow. Over time, as implementation scope increases, they end up with a huge number of manual test cases, which are very difficult to maintain and execute as part of regression testing for every small change or build deployment. Manual testing […]