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Steven Scott

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The Multicultural Effect on the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry in the United States is entering an intense, intricate, complex, and dynamic period of growth and modification. Many of the modifications have not been implemented for a significant period of time, such as the medical coding transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Additionally, the healthcare industry will integrate information technology and systems in […]

Healthcare’s Communication Bridge

It is commonly accepted that successful integration and update of healthcare information systems with clinical management will entail bridging communication between medical professional and technical expertise in data management, processing, and reporting. However, we should also account for sectors of the healthcare industry that are not as directly related as healthcare delivery systems and information […]

The Business Intelligence of Healthcare

Numerous industries incorporate core concepts and methodologies of business intelligence to capture and review processed information, develop trending metrics, implement projective analyses, and transform raw data to strategic information to enhance organizational operations. The core opportunity within the healthcare industry that will benefit all aspects of the organization is establishing high standards of care for […]

The Crossroads of Healthcare Knowledge

The implementation of automated and time efficient methodologies in healthcare information processing can expedite and enhance streamlining of patient management and quality of care. While maintaining quality of care, an essential concept to address is defining the boundaries between efficiency in automation and maintaining a foundational understanding of core medical concepts. As technological advancements are […]