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Email Design for a Smartphone Era

Smartphone penetration in the United States has reached 55% of the general population* and and the number of email opens on smartphones and tablets have increased 80% of the last six months**. These two facts have serious consequences for companies and organizations, and their communication platforms. Beyond the obvious need to build email to appear well-formed and structured […]

SXSW Round Up: A Robot in Your Pocket

SXSW is a great place to be exposed to new ideas, but perhaps even more valuable are the sessions where you reconsider ideas you’ve grown accustomed to, and seeing them from a brand new perspective. One session in particular this year that has resonated with me for the week and a half since leaving Austin […]

App Trendspotting: Vine

The history of the next big thing in digital goes back to the earliest days of the consumer Internet and probably started with the denizens of South Park in San Francisco. In the early to mid-90s a discussion thread on The Well, an underground BBS located on a houseboat in Sausalito, gave rise to Wired […]

The Fundamentals of Emotional Experience Design

Making an experience engaging is the key to everything we do as digital designers and builders. As digital platforms multiply and bandwidth speed grows, the ability for digital designers to draw in users and keep both their attention in the moment, and have them retain the information in memory long after the initial experience ends, is to design beyond […]

The Four Objectives of Social

Here is a bold statement: I bet everyone reading this post has had a client, a colleague, or a line of business say to them in the last 10 days that they wanted this or that initiative to be more “Social”. They probably said something along the lines of “I like that idea, but how […]

Simple Four-Step In-App Registration

One of the primary principles in designing forms for the web is to keep them as simple and easy as possible. You can generally expect about a 15% drop off for every step in the process – literally every field in the form – as each discrete step is  an opportunity for the user to […]

Data Visualization, Less is More

As stated previously, I’m a big fan of focusing on the persuasive aspects of your presentations and reports. After all, the power of data is to trigger an improvement or optimization to the benefit of a client or business. A significant portion of a persuasive argument is backing up your recommendations with solid insights drawn […]

Picture Superiority in Presentations

In my last post I introduced the subject of 10/20/30 Rules for Presentations from Guy Kawasaki. The theme was to avoid text heavy slides, and simplify everything down to make comprehension easier for the audience. It’s a fairly simple set of rules: 10 pages, 20 minutes, and no font smaller than 30 points. But it’s […]

The 10/20/30 Rule of Presentations

How many of you have been in a presentation this month that has included a slide so packed with information, that you either tuned it out entirely, or weren’t able to finish reading it before the page was flipped? I’m referencing, of course, the all-too-common slide with 100+ words, some bullets, footnotes and sources, all […]

Three Big Digital Trend Reports for 2013

Now that we’ve had a couple of weeks of 2013 to catch up on our RSS feeds from the holidays, let’s review three of the most influencial trend forecasts from the greater digital industrial-complex and finalize our preparations for year to come. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends The Queen of digital forecasting is indisputably Mary Meeker […]