Susanna Oliver

Susanna is an email and responsive design expert who always pursues perfection in everything she does. To Susanna, email has unprecedented influence -- it enables businesses to put solutions right into the hands of customers.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Website SEO

A website without search engine optimization is like a car without an engine or a computer without a mouse. Just like a car without an engine isn’t going anywhere, a website without SEO won’t be useful to anyone. In a nutshell, the goal of SEO is to rank as high as possible on page 1 […]

How Voice Search is Changing the Web

“Find the nearest gas station.” “When will the next MacBook Pro be released?” “How many touchdowns did Carson Wentz score last season?” You’ve probably asked your phone one of these questions (or something similar) in the last week. According to Google, more searches take place on mobile devices than on desktop, and approximately 50% of […]

Salesforce & Google: What the New Partnership Means to You

A partnership announcement at Dreamforce 2017 is sending shocks around the world. Tech giants Salesforce and Google have partnered to integrate their marketing and sales features – creating a robust toolbox to help their customers work smarter, work faster and convert leads into revenue. A Closer Look at the Partnership At some point, you’ve probably […]

Website Accessibility: Why It Matters & How Your Site Stacks Up

With upcoming legislation around website accessibility, it’s time to take a serious look at how your website stands up to accessibility requirements. The WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) categorizes web accessibility into three levels: A, AA, and AAA – from basic to most advanced. Proposed upcoming legislation is aimed at requiring mainstream institutions like financial, education and healthcare […]

How to Use SLDS Design Tokens in a Custom Lightning Community Theme

Have users who want to customize branding, colors and buttons in a Lightning Community? Design tokens are the key. The brand panel in Salesforce Community Builder is equipped with five standard palettes and six color swatches to customize them. Using Lightning design tokens, we can tie these color swatches into a custom Bolt theme, giving […]

Understanding Lightning Component Events

Lightning components are designed to be self-contained and independent. While this is great for modular development and encapsulation, it comes at a price. That price is JavaScript. JavaScript from one component can’t talk with another, and that’s why Lightning components use events. Events handle any interaction that needs to take place between components: button clicks, […]

To Use or Not to Use: px, em, rem or %?

Pixels and rems and ems and percents, oh my. While there are several different methods for coding with font sizes, it all depends on what’s right for your particular project. First Things First Let’s take a closer look at every option: Pixels: font-size: 16px shows as 16 pixels in the browser. Rem: font-size: 1rem shows […]

3 Ways to Use Fonts on a Webpage

Did you know that there are three different ways that fonts can be implemented into a website? Here’s the good news for designers: your creative juices don’t have to be stymied when it comes to choosing fonts for the web. You have options, and they go far beyond Verdana, Helvetica or Arial. Just keep in […]

3 Quick & Easy CSS Effects for a Better UI

A good user interface (UI) is like a vehicle. You don’t even think about it when it works correctly, but when it doesn’t, it’s a nightmare. CSS effects should make your UI smooth and effortless. In fact, here are three subtle effects you can do with CSS to improve the UI of your website: 1. […]