Stu Eddins

Stu brings over 40 years of experience in customer service and management to our client relationships. He and his team of digital marketers and analysts serve in the planning, execution, and measurement of digital marketing strategies for clients. He is Google-certified and an early user with 15+ years of experience with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. In addition to the numerous papers and case studies he has written for Perficient, his creative talent is showcased as a semi-professional photographer, focusing mainly on landscapes, cityscapes, and still life.

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How to Leverage Google Analytics Audiences for Maximum Impact

“I’m always aware of who my core audiences are and I serve that niche.” Edward Burns, actor The way we speak of our websites makes it easy to objectify them – “Our website had 83,657 pageviews yesterday from 18,235 sessions. The site also had a 16.4 percent bounce rate.” Working from this point of view, […]

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Why You May Be Missing Out on 20 – 50% of Your Site’s Potential Calls

Consumers can use their mobile devices to fill out forms and find directions to your closest clinic. As you continually optimize your user experience, it’s vital to enhance the most basic function smartphone owners can use – making phone calls! In a recent MedTouch independent study, calls beat out online requests 94% to 6%. The […]

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Google to Add 90-Day Advertiser Muting to User Controls

Late this winter, Google announced that it will add an account-level control for signed-in users to mute a given advertiser’s remarketing ads. The control will mute all remarketing campaigns from that advertiser for 90 days – the typical life of a remarketing audience cookie. Google also is beefing up the two-year-old “Mute this ad” function. […]

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How to Overcome Relationship Inertia in Healthcare

We’ve all heard of couples who stay together simply because it’s the easy thing to do. A kind of relationship inertia keeps the pair in place, and there isn’t enough force acting on either of them to overcome their resistance to change. Neither person is truly happy nor fully unhappy – it’s a relationship stuck […]

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Healthcare Marketers: Phone Calls Matter. A Lot.

There are many paths that hospitals offer to facilitate the digital consumer’s transition from lead to patient. Among the most common are: Phone calls Website request forms Self-service, online appointment booking tools And recently, a growing number of text messaging and live chat options In fact, of the top conversion paths, only the self-service online […]