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Shiv Bharti

Shiv is the Practice Director of Perficient’s National Oracle Business Intelligence Practice. Shiv has solid experience Building and Deploying Oracle Business Intelligence Products. He has successfully led implementation of over 75+ Oracle Business Intelligence and Custom Data Warehouse Projects. Shiv has worked in multiple industries and with clients that include fortune 500 companies . He has Expertise leading large global teams, as well as in-depth knowledge across multiple verticals and technologies. Prior to 2008, Shiv was a member of the Oracle and Siebel Core Engineering Teams and responsible for the Design and Development of numerous Business Intelligence Applications.

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Oracle Simplifies Branding and Packaging of its Analytics Product

Oracle simplifies its cloud, on-premises and prebuilt analytics applications under a single brand ‘Oracle Analytics’. At the analytics summit this week, Oracle announced a new customer-centric vision for its Analytics product. Under the new product direction, 18+ products which include Oracle Analytics Cloud, on-premises platforms like OBIEE, Oracle BI Applications among others will be consolidated […]

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Welcome to the Period of Augmented Analytics

According to Gartner, Augmented Analytics Is the future of Data and Analytics – the next disruption in Analytics and Business Intelligence. It’s the capability of automating insights using machine learning and natural-language generation. If we look back over the last two decades, there are three different waves in the Analytics and Business Intelligence space. Analytics […]

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Reflections on Hosting Multiple Oracle Analytics Cloud Workshops

Our team has been partnering with Oracle on running Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Workshops all across North America. To date we have partnered in running more than 10 workshops, the most recent one was held yesterday in Houston, TX. We had a record number of attendees, more than double the capacity we had planned for. […]

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Key Differences between a Traditional Data Warehouse and Big Data

Traditional data warehouse solutions were originally developed out of necessity. In order to run the business, every company uses enterprise resource planning (ERP) and CRM applications to manage back-office functions like finance, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and supply chain, as well as front-office functions like sales, service, and call center. The data captured […]

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Approaches to Embrace Big Data

Not every organization starts its big data journey from the same place. Some have robust business intelligence functions and capabilities, while others are doing great things with Excel. However, in order to drive efficiencies, support expected future growth and to continue its evolution to a data-driven company, most organizations are reviewing their current suite of software […]

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Creating a Big Data Platform Roadmap

One of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is the roadmap to deploying a Big Data Platform and becoming a truly data-driven enterprise. Although the roadmap is different from customer to customer, at a high level, I would break it down into three phases: Phase – 1 Building the Foundation Just as you […]

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Are You Valuing Data as an Asset on Your Balance Sheet?

The average age of a company listed on the S&P 500 has fallen from almost 60 years old in the 1950s to less than 20 years old today. Innovative companies that are willing to embrace transformative technologies make the list today, while businesses that are hesitant to embrace change risk becoming obsolete. Thriving companies, innovators, […]

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Business Analytics with AI, ML and Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence is already being used to conextualize data and significantly reduce efforts to transform data sets for better insights. Adaptive intelligence is being infused into cloud applications by vendors like Oracle to drive data-driven intelligence based on Machine Learning algorithms at vastly increased Speeds. To quote Angela Zutavern, coauthor of The Mathematical Corporation “We […]

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Cloud Transcends Tech – New Strategy and Business Model for CEOs

Cloud adoption will need to be part of a key strategy for CEOs that are looking to grow revenue Q/Q, Y/Y, while cutting costs and taking the market share from their competitors. Kicking off the Modern Finance Experience 2018, Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle hammered home as to why Cloud is not just a modern […]

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Five Common Use Cases of Big Data Adoption by Organizations

Big Data Analytics Platforms continue to be adopted by different organizations to get unique insights for their business. In this post, I will cover five common use cases that we are seeing with our customers who are adopting Big Data for their Business Analytics need. 1 ) Data Warehouse Modernization As organizations look to modernize their […]

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Moving Off Discoverer

If you missed our webinar, A Customer’s Take on Moving from Discoverer to Oracle Business Analytics, the on-demand recording is now available for immediate viewing. If you are currently using Discoverer, hear directly from a Perficient customer, Gary Aragon with Group Voyagers, who made the move from Discoverer to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) in […]

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How to Empower Your Business Users with Oracle Data Visualization

Many shifts are happening today, with technology changing at such a pace, business users are relying on data to keep up with the industry and beat the competition. Business users are expecting more than dashboards and reports. They don’t want to be handed off with a set of reports and dashboards which are pre-built by […]

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Eliminating Blind Spots by Building a Customer 360 Degree View

Many organizations today are using a Modern Business Intelligence Platform or Big Data to eliminate Customer Blind Spots. When most firms refer to Big Data, they are not necessarily using “BIG” data, the term is used interchangeably with Analytics by most of our Customers. Organizations today are increasingly relying on Data to make strategic decisions. […]

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Building a 360-Degree View of Your Customers on Oracle BICS

Today, in the age of digital disruption, every firm needs to understand the changing behavior of their customers, the competition and the company itself to make strategic decisions and be able to outline tactical plans related to product performance, pricing strategies, promotion, and markets the firm needs to focus on or exit from.  The marketing […]

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Consolidating on-premise and public cloud data on Oracle BI Apps

With an increase in the adoption of cloud applications by large corporations, most organizations today are in some form of hybrid state i.e. they are using a combination of both on-premise as well as cloud applications to run their business. Regardless of where the applications maintain their data, organizations need the ability to see a […]

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Modernize Your Business Analytics Platform with Cloud Solutions

In today’s data digitized world, no business or organization can survive, let alone thrive, without a solid data management and data analysis infrastructure. For several decades now, organizations have relied on platforms and analytics software to analyze their digital data in order to understand the health of their business, layout business and management strategies, identify […]

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Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services

After attending the Keynote sessions yesterday at  #OOW14, I walked away with three key product directions for customers to consider: Cloud Strategy Big Data Strategy Insights on your data ( Analytics) This is a very exciting time for us as a leading Oracle BI Implementation Partner to be able to take our expertise of leading […]

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Fulfilling Real-Time Analytics on Oracle BI Applications Platform

Fulfilling Real-Time analytics on Oracle BI Applications platform Analytics users have always had the desire to get “real-time” data.  There are certain business scenarios where the ability to do real-time analysis can positively impact different areas of our Business – from increased revenue to a greater customer satisfaction. Most of the Oracle BI Application deployments […]

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