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Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar has worked at Perficient as a Technical Consultant. He is an Adobe Certified Professional - Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner and has 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing.

Blogs from this Author

Digitally Enhanced Shot Of A Handsome Businessman Working In The Office Superimposed Over Multiple Lines Of Computer Code

My Very First JavaScript Code

“I can Talk JavaScript, I can walk JavaScript, I can Laugh JavaScript because JavaScript is a very Funny Language.” It’s really a fun writing JavaScript code in the beginning like you can show a pop-up alert, can set a condition to show results and you can also do mathematical calculations in the console. Just press […]

Image of laptop computer with Google Analytics open. It sits on a white table.

Introduction to Google Analytics – A Guide for Beginners

A guide towards an entry to Google Analytics with Naeem Sheikh. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that will help in tracking website traffic and generate an easy understandable report to analyze the performance of your website. It is basically divided into five major report i.e. Realtime […]