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Richard Yang

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Microsoft AI at a Glance

Artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings including learning, language and perception, then help people solve problem better. It has been over several decades since human being research on AI, but the progress is very slow because of many facts, such as lack of data information, low performance […]

ASP.Net Application Deployment in Docker for Windows

Nowadays, with the development of container technology, Docker for Windows allows us to deploy .net applications in a windows docker container, so that we can reuse the image and container easily. Here, I am going to introduce how to deploy a .net web application with Docker for Windows. You may take this as your guidance […]

Troubleshooting the redirect issue of .NET CAS integration in IE

Background CAS (Central Authentication Service) is an open source project which was sponsored by Yale and it is an enterprise Single Sign-On solution for web services. The .NET CAS client provides CAS integration for the Microsoft Windows platform via the .NET framework and integrates with ASP.NET applications by customizing the application web.config file. It is convenient for […]

KnockoutJS MVVM Script Folder Structure

In the past couple of years, we have delivered several projects successfully which were based on MVC + KnockoutJS, they all applied the same structure or pattern, so I was thinking to get them out from several projects which we might reuse in the future projects, here is what I’d like to share, you may […]

Access to ReportObjects of SAP Crystal Reports Programmatically

When you intend to create report utilizing SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2012, generally speaking, all the report content can be bound with some kinds of data source (like DataSet). However, in some particular scenarios, some report content is not bound to any data source, and you have to change them dynamically, such as […]