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Raghu is the Senior Technical Architect of Perficient's National Oracle Business Intelligence Practice. He has extensive experience in architecting, designing, developing, and delivering enterprise software solutions, and commercial software products from concept to market. His area of expertise includes application programming, SOA, microservices, integrations, cloud and BI implementation. He has worked for several fortune 500 companies in his career and successfully led several projects from inception to completion by maintaining high quality standards. He has experience working with cross-cultural teams ensuring optimal utilization of resources. He has several certifications across multiple technologies from Oracle, AWS, Microsoft, and Redhat.

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Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service

In my previous post, I talked about Oracle Big Data Cloud Service. Then, what is Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service? Like Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service is a PaaS subscription model. Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service is Oracle’s breakthrough approach to simplifying access to big data sources. […]

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service is a PaaS subscription model with a pre-configured Oracle Big Data environment. This includes a complete installation of the Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) and Apache Spark. When we talk about Big Data we are often talking about massive volumes of unstructured or semi-structured data such as web logs, […]

Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service

Internet of Things (IoT) provides a huge opportunity to gather valuable data about your products, your business processes, and your customers by analyzing IoT data at scale and enriching it with other business intelligence so that you can drive new services and improve customer satisfaction. Internet of Things connects everyday objects to each other and […]

OBIEE 12c – Access Prohibited for Active Directory User

Assigning Active Directory User to a particular Role in Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) does not acquire the Application Role in the OBIEE 12c. This issue can happen when the user Display Name and the sAMAccountName are not the same. For example: In the Enterprise Manager, a user, Joe Doe, is added to a BIAdministrator Application […]

OBIEE 12c – WebLogic Fails to Start After Updating OPSS Password

This issue applies not only to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 12c, but also to other 12c infrastructure. When a database OPSS user account password expires or when you update the OPSS user account with a new password, you might encounter the following error when you try to bring up the WebLogic Admin server: […]

OBIEE 12c with Cache Database

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite provides comprehensive capabilities for business intelligence, including enterprise reporting, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, multi-dimensional OLAP, scorecards, and predictive analytics on an integrated platform. It is also a core component of Oracle Exalytics, the industry’s first engineered in-memory analytics machine designed to deliver extreme performance. A majority of healthcare providers to some extent or […]

Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service

Oracle is aggressively re-engineering all of their popular suite of products over to cloud. Among several cloud offerings that Oracle announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 is Oracle Data Integration. Many of you may already be familiar with Oracle Data Integrator. Now, the same product is re-engineered to work in the cloud with several additional capabilities to fully leverage […]

Oracle’s new Cloud offerings

Oracle announced its most advanced on-prem products to be available on Cloud as PaaS offerings. That’s exciting news for the companies who want to move their products to Cloud to get all the advantages of PaaS. Here is a quick list of some of the many products that are available as PaaS offerings. More modules […]

Oracle’s Cloud @ Customer

Oracle announced a new subscription based machine called Oracle Cloud @ Customer. In this model, the same Public Cloud PaaS offering that Oracle currently offers in their Cloud Infrastructure, is now available at the Customer’s location. With this model, the customer can leverage their own data center and keep the cloud behind their firewall. Just […]

Getting started with Java Cloud Service

Java Cloud Service (JCS) is a PaaS offering from Oracle. It supports all the PaaS requirements like – elasticity, scaling, automated patching, backup/recovery, etc. It’s an environment running on cloud hardware on which you can build, deploy, and manage Java applications just as you would in an ordinary virtual or physical server running on your […]

Unable to access SOA 12c Database EM

Assumption: Database 12c is installed successfully on a local VM that runs Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL). Issue: After a successful install of Oracle Database 12c, starting with the listener and the database, you might notice that the Enterprise Manager (EM) is not accessible in FireFox that comes with the standard Linux install on a VM […]

Upgrading OSB 11g to Service Bus 12c

Upgrading an existing stage/production OSB 11g implementation to Service Bus 12c can be a massive job. It becomes an overwhelming task if it contains several clustered nodes and several OSB 11g projects that need to be imported to JDeveloper 12c. Some of the pre-requisites for a successful migration are: Only a domain that is running […]

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