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Rohit Rinayat

Rohit Rinayat is an associate technical consultant at Perficient based out of Nagpur with around 3 years of experience in BI tool like Power BI and Testing of BI reports. He is excited to share his knowledge through blogging.

Blogs from this Author

Currency And Exchange Stock Chart For Finance And Economy Display

Analytics Pane in Power BI

The Analytics Pane is the most important feature in Power BI, which helps to gain proper insights and observe trends from the visuals. It appears only when you select a visual from the Power BI desktop, and there are some visuals that support nearly all analytical lines while others don’t, as we will see later […]

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Edit Interactions in Power BI: Manage Interactions between Visuals in Power BI

Edit interaction is valuable feature in Power BI which used to manage the interaction between the visuals. Generally, Power BI visuals are interactive that is after selecting any item of visual affects other visual too. So here Edit Interaction helps in controlling the interaction between the visuals. Which helps in making efficient and also it […]

SEO Considerations

Filters and Types of Filtering in Power BI

Power BI filters are useful tools for organizing data, visualizing and comparing your data visualizations, and creating reports. They are utilized to sort data according to a chosen condition. Filter Types : Visual Level Filter Page Level Filter Report Level Filter Drill Through Filter On the right side of the dashboard, locate the Filter Pane. […]

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QA Test Management using Xray Tool

Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management Jira plugin, which helps companies in effective and efficient testing. It is the best test management tool that covers the entire testing life cycle: test planning, test specification, test organization, test execution and test reporting. Before diving deep into Xray, we will first see Test Management […]

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Top Custom Visuals in Power BI

Custom Visuals in Power BI Custom visuals in Power BI have additional features and options beyond those supported by the standard visuals of Power BI Desktop, delivering unique and powerful capabilities. Custom visuals are available in AppSource and within the integrated custom visuals store for Power BI Desktop. They are categorized into two types in […]