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Richa Kapur

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Data Transfer Cloud Computing Technology Concept. There Is A Large Prominent Cloud Icon In The Center With Internal Connections. And Small Icon On Abstract World Map Polygon With Dark Blue Background.

Automatic Updates in AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS)

AEM Version Updates Adobe uses a continuous release model in AEM as a cloud service. This means the application is auto updating on an ongoing basis. There are two types of updates: Feature Releases – these are done on a predictable monthly schedule and are focused on new capabilities. Maintenance Releases – these can be […]

AEM as a Cloud Service Architectural Changes

AEM as a Cloud Service – Top 10 Architectural Changes

AEM as a Cloud Service delivers personalized, content-led experiences for customers, allowing businesses to expand. With rapid time-to-value, cloud-native solutions can be tailored to meet ever expanding business requirements. From on-premises to cloud a lot has changed. Let’s discuss 10 architectural changes within AEM as a Cloud Service. 1. Asset Processing In older versions of […]

Show Dynamic Values in i18n Variable Using JavaScript

Use case: pass dynamic values in i18n and get them translated using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) translator. Let’s say you want to show a pop-up message to end users with their name and the product’s name. You will need to use i18n so that the message gets translated based on the internationalization. The steps below […]

Rebuild Indexes in AEM with OAK Index Manager

Looking to rebuild indexes in Adobe Experience Manager? Need to boost query performance? Apart from optimized code, indexing plays a very important role in an application running smoothly. If you have more queries, you need to index your nodes in order to quickly get a response. In a recent project, I found a problem related […]