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Randall Gayle

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Cloud: It’s NOT all where it’s at…..

Like my 1st grade teacher would tell me when I ended a sentence with this preposition……”It’s between the ‘A’ and the ‘T’”.  Well, in this situation, it’s between the “cloud” and the “on premise”. More and more companies are starting to explore and use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as a viable option for developing […]

The Case for Data Virtualization (aka IaaS)

I remember several years ago when I was working with a company’s CIO. His comment to me was, “Why do I need to move any data or create a data warehouse? Why can’t I just virtualize all of my operational data from its source and use it where it is? That way, I get real-time results and […]

Integrating Big Data to improve decision making and reduce cost

Several weeks ago, I was watching a cable network news channel and the news anchor was discussing what it will take to win the next presidential election. As he discussed it in more detail, he commented about how there will need to be much better analysis of data to pinpoint the right segment of the […]