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Ryan Duclos is a Lead Technical Consultant and CSM for Perficient, Inc. (PRFT), where he is passionate about Microsoft development utilizing the .Net Framework, SQL Server, and Microsoft Azure technologies. Ryan was a 2014 Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Azure. He lives and works in LA (Lower Alabama!) and loves spending time with his family, as well as being a Community Influencer for Microsoft. Ryan also a passion for Disc Golf and CrossFit! Ryan is a board member for the Lower Alabama .NET User Group and is also involved with the Pensacola SQL Server User Group, as well as other technical communities in his region. In addition, Ryan is a frequent speaker at numerous Code Camps, SQL Saturday & User Group events.

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Jaspersoft and MongoDB on Windows Azure

Jaspersoft is an open-source business intelligence suite built on Java. Jaspersoft put together a video of using MongoDb with it’s suite on Windows Azure. MongoDB is a NoSQL based system, which stores data like JSON.  I found an article about this on MS Open Tech’s site. I just wanted to share it here to let […]

Is Windows Azure Open?

I cam across an article on InformationWeek “Microsoft Azure Grows More Open.” From what I know and the people I talk to, I truly believe Microsoft has been opening up over the last several years, especially for developers. The rate tools and frameworks are built and supported by Visual Studio is one key sign of […]

Microsoft’s Cloud OS vision site updates

Microsoft earlier this week made multiple improvements to their site based on their Microsoft Cloud OS vision.  The main focus is based on UX to improve user experience and increase engagement. The site is very responsive and adaptive based on the devices you are using as well as when re-sizing or panning. There is even […]

Windows Azure now supports Juju for Ubuntu

Canonical working with Microsoft announced today (9/17/2013) the Juju fully supports deploying service on Ubuntu into Windows Azure. Juju provides an intuitive GUI for designing and deploying applications into Windows Azure. From today’s news release which can be read here Latest Ubuntu Certified images for all supported Ubuntu releases are currently available on Windows Azure, […]

What do you think is the best Free Office alternative?

Well guess what I think is the best alternative, are you ready? It is Office Web Apps!  Office Web Apps are free versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. If you’re like me, I like to use application that have the same look and feel as the applications I’m used to, in this case it […]

Windows Azure for Research

Microsoft just a few days ago announced a new program for research. They have partnered with several researchers over the last 3 years to experiment with the cloud. With the success of the research projects already completed Microsoft found value in the research. To support scientific research in many disciplines Microsoft launched the Windows Azure […]

Dev/Test in the cloud with Windows Azure

Windows Azure is a great environment for your applications. It can also house applications that aren’t ready to be consumed by your clients whether internal or external to your organization. What makes this more compelling is that as of June you now pay by the minute vs. by the hour for compute as well as […]

Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate available

A little over a year since the release of Visual Studio 2012 (VS2012) and we already have a release candidate for Visual Studio 2013. If your interested in the Virtual Launch keep up to date on the event page, you can also download the Release Candidate. You can install it over the preview and along […]

Attention Nonprofits: Microsoft is donating Office 365 to you

If you qualify Microsoft will donate Office 365 to your organization. Don’t you think you could benefit from Exchange and SharePoint as well as Office applications? Wouldn’t it be great if you could simplify IT administration and work towards your goals as a nonprofit? Well I believe that is what Microsoft is trying to do […]

Windows Azure SQL Reporting what’s missing?

I’m going to use the theme of an earlier post (Windows Azure SQL Database what’s missing?) and ask the same question on another service offered on Windows Azure. The reason I chose these offerings specifically is because I really like them as a developer. Not having to deal with configuring infrastructure and being able to […]

Will Xbox One have potential outside of gaming and entertainment?

Will Xbox One be used in the workplace, is a question I ask myself as I see information come across the wire. The simple answer is Yes it will have value in the workplace in my opinion. At first glance it may not have a place in the enterprise, though I believe it will be […]

Windows Azure SQL Database what’s missing?

Being primarily a developer, I would prefer not having to manage infrastructure. With SQL Database I don’t have too. SQL Database provides most of the features I need when working with a relational database. If SQL Database doesn’t suit your needs, you can have SQL Server running in a VM within Windows Azure. Though again […]

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