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Migrating REST API from IBM Integration Bus to Spring Boot

In this blog post, we will learn how to Migrate IIB REST application to Spring Boot. The topics covered in this use case include: Create SpringBoot Project Creating Model class from Swagger Pom File Define Database Configuration Entity Class JPA Data Repository Rest Controller Service Class Build and Run the Project. Create Spring Boot Project […]

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Migration from WebSphere Message Broker to IBM Integration Bus

Why Integration Bus? Quickly integrates the existing system into a new service. Maintenance is simplified by reducing tight coupling. Flexibility to add, update or replace the system without affecting the consumers Intelligent workload management. Easily integrated to heterogeneous environment. Compatible Migration versions Below specified previous versions can be migrated to IBM Integration Bus Version 10.0, […]

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Validating JSON Message in IIB

Overview This blog helps to understand JSON parser in IIB and how to validate the incoming JSON message. What is JSON? JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight plain text format used for data interchange. It’s a collection of Name-Value pair. How IIB parses the JSON message? In IIB JSON message realized as Object (Name-Value pair) […]

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Configuring Event Monitoring in IIB using Monitoring profile

  Overview Monitoring profile helps you to customize the events emitted by message flow’s node level at run time. Transaction and terminal events are the two major types of events emitted by the message flow. Transaction events are emitted only from input nodes E.g., MQInput and FileInput. Terminal events are emitted from terminals of any […]

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