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Roy CondreySr Business Consultant

Roy Condrey is a Sr. Business Consultant at Perficient DDC in Lafayette, LA.

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From Keyboard to Hammer: Perficient Consultants Handcraft Table

When Perficient opened its domestic delivery center (DDC) in Lafayette, LA, in 2016, part of the vision for the new location was to have colleagues play a role in building and shaping the office space. Since that time, colleagues have embraced the opportunity by adding personal touches in their work spaces and throughout the office […]

How Do You Say That Again? Cultural Diversity at Work

I remember meeting the rest of my teammates when I started in IT and having to ask six out of the eight how to pronounce their names for the first full week. It was an eye opening experience, and I had to really learn to listen when people were talking to me so I could […]

Top 5 Reasons I Work In IT

I remember being introduced to computers in middle school. It was an Apple II series with basic functions and it was fun and unique. But for a kid that has spent their early years outside in the sun and playing with friends in the fields and woods of South Louisiana, it wasn’t the coolest thing […]

But You’re Not a Developer: The Role of the Product Owner

So you’re part of the dev team and looking forward to getting some work done. You have your first planning meeting, and while you and the rest of the team are discussing the User Story and the tasks that need to be accomplished in order to deliver, a voice speaks out of the darkness and […]

Hello? Can You Hear Me? How to Deal with Poor Communication

When you are working with a client there are a lot things out of your control. Such as, scope of work, technology stack, governance rules and guidelines, whether or not the client communicates well. That last item, client communication can be, I feel, one of the biggest obstacles to having a happy, satisfied and repeat […]