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Prakash Venkatesh

Prakash Venkatesh is a certified Adobe Experience Manager and Senior Technical Architect at Perficient. He has successfully delivered software applications for customers across e-commerce, retail, automotive, manufacturing, and product development. He brings a combination of best practices and problem-solving skills to the table with experience gained over years of working in the IT industry.

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AEM Author Notifications Made Easy

The life cycle of an AEM implementation involves code development and deployment, content authoring, server maintenance, AEM Service Pack upgrades, and rare disaster recovery. DevOps operation involves meticulous planning and execution. One of the planning and execution steps is communicating to stakeholders and AEM users, especially authors, about maintenance activity. This will help prevent the authors […]

Upgrading to AEM 6.3: When runAllPreUpgradeTask() Fails

For upgrades to AEM 6.3, Adobe has provided a pre-upgrade task package to make the process easier on implementers. The main task is runAllPreUpgradeTask(), which takes care of executing Revision Cleanup, Version Purge, Workflow Purge, Audit Log Maintenance, and Generate Bundle List File. When I ran runAllPreUpgradeTask(), it started the process, but after a while, […]

Get Ready for New Closed User Group in AEM 6.3

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3 ships out with new Closed User Group (CUG) implementation. The new implementation is based on Apache Jackrabbit OAK module named oak-authorization-cug. The new implementation provides authorization to view content for specific principals with read access to the target node and its subtree, without interfering with other access control lists’ (ACL) […]

Apache Sling’s Hidden Gem: Request Processing Analyzer

Recently I was investigating a response timeout issue in an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) implementation. The AEM application serves content both to the browser and portal application. The portal system makes a request to AEM, and AEM processes that request and returns the request in JSON format. As per the architecture, the response from AEM should reach the portal within five seconds. […]

Indexing Bogging AEM Down? Disable Apache Tika!

Recently, we were investigating a CPU performance spike issue with an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) publish server. After some research, we came across logs that indicated indexing had caused the CPU spike. Adobe Experience Manager is more than just a content management system or an application to serve content to the user’s request. AEM includes more powerful functionality, […]

The Power of Transient Workflow in AEM

When a workflow executes in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), it stores workflow runtime information in the JCR repository under the instance node. This feature is useful when auditing is required on each step of the workflow status. The downside of this feature is the growth of the repository size, as a large repository can eventually inhibit performance and cause disk […]

Increasing Desired Search Results with Oak Indexing Analyzer

Adobe Summit 2017 showcased a powerful feature of OAK Indexing that comes with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3 with OAK Version 1.6.1. Oak Index Analyzer provides attributes that help in boosting search to get the desired results. The way it works is that each of the indexes can be defined with analyzer nodes with properties defined […]

Reduce Your Development Time with AEM Chrome Plug-in

While attending one of the hands-on session labs at Adobe Summit 2017, I came across an interesting tool: the AEM Chrome Plug-in. Add the plug-in to your Chrome browser and configure it. When you open the Chrome Developer Tools, it shows as a tab. The UI is very simple and easy to navigate. It as a […]

#AdobeSummit Standout: PhoneGap and Framework7 for Mobile Apps

We’ve seen many innovative features and products launched at Adobe Summit 2017. As a developer, one cool feature that attracted me the most was the development of a hybrid mobile application with PhoneGap along with Framework7 open source UI framework. When developing a mobile application using JavaScript, CSS and native libraries, I have faced issues with […]

Managing Ghost Users & Repository Growth in AEM

In my earlier post, User Admin Console (Classic UI) & Crashing Browsers, I discussed how business analysts and administrators can make use of queries to debug user and group-related issues in AEM. In relation to that topic, I noticed we have a business requirement to add users to AEM, but we do not have a requirement to remove users […]

Going Beyond Globalization and Localization

In today’s retail, banking, government, education, automotive, insurance, defense and software industries, reaching the consumer and users has gone beyond regionalization and localization of the language of the website. Business and IT managers are under tremendous pressure to deliver content specific to the user without losing the brand value or conversion rate, and while continuing […]

User Admin Console (Classic UI) & Crashing Browsers

As businesses grow, the number of end users and groups in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) tends to increase as well. I recently worked with two clients who are synchronizing users and associating users to the groups through the custom sync handlers to CRX (the content repository in AEM). Business Analysts (BA) or AEM Admins use […]