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Lync 2010 and LLDP – off by just a bit

One of the very useful new features of Lync 2010 Phone Edition is support for LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) to allow phones to receive configuration information from the switches they plug into. If you have any experience with Cisco IP Telephony, you know that Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) is used for similar purposes to […]

Take Your Day Back With PowerPivot

Microsoft recently released a free Excel 2010 add-in which uses PowerPivot to analyze your schedule from your Outlook calendar. The add in, named Calendar Analytics Tool, has two main benefits. The first is that it is extremely useful (and cool). By using the familiar Excel pivot table functionality, including Slicers, you have the ability to […]

SharePoint as a Digital Marketing tool

In Digital Marketing one of the most commonly used functionality is the catalog. I recently worked on a solution where SharePoint’s unique features helped build a flexible, robust information request/catalog module. One of our main goals was to ensure that the information in the catalogs can be maintained by non-IT staff. We implemented a solution […]

An Introduction to PowerShell Scripting

So, you’re interested in PowerShell, but aren’t sure if you want to jump right in to writing your own cmdlets? No problem; there are plenty of built-in ones to get us started. Let’s take a look at a few different ways to use cmdlets: calling them directly from PowerShell, stringing multiple cmdlets together using the […]

JavaScript Duplicating Generated HTML in a Content Editor

Say you’ve become the office expert on food trucks. There are a lot of hungry people in your office, and you just don’t have time to keep them all updated on mobile meatballs. Why not add a Twitter list widget to your intranet site so they can track the trucks themselves? The Content Editor web […]

Implementing Resources files with SharePoint 2010

Working on a multilingual project, I had to come up with an approach for implementing resources values used across our UI solution on the SharePoint 2010 platform. Unlike for SharePoint 2007, there is more flexibility on the new 2010 platform to implement your resx files. I found that there were two approaches that can be […]

Custom Error Pages – SPWebApplication.SPCustomPage enumeration vs. Global.asax

With SharePoint 2010, it has definitely become easier to implement your own custom error page. Using the SPWebApplication.SPCustomPage enumeration, you can set your custom error page to override the default SharePoint one. Actually, you could do the same for your ‘AccessDenied’ or ‘Login’ pages. Here is the full list of out of box pages you […]

Start a SharePoint 2010 / FS4SP Crawl Remotely

With SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search For SharePoint 2010 (FS4SP), it’s easy to schedule crawls to run daily, hourly, or according to any other frequency. For most scenarios, scheduled crawls work perfectly.   Sometimes it makes more sense to kick off a crawl based on an event. For example, perhaps your organization runs an Extract/Transform/Load […]

Leveraging PowerPivot functionality in Excel

Introduction PowerPivot builds on existing Excel features and extends their functionality. Those familiar with Excel are aware of Pivot tables. Excel typically involves creating a pivot chart with one single data source. PowerPivot allows users to extract data from various sources. These data sources can also be linked to one another with in a PowerPivot […]

Using Custom Data to Securely Access Analysis Services Data via PerformancePoint

This method has been blogged about in various places on the web. Below is my take on a recent implementation of this method with some screen shots, helpful hints and some things to lookout for. One approach to dynamically allowing / denying access to the data contained within an Analysis Services Cube via PerformancePoint is […]

InfoPath: Schema Validation Found Non-Data Type Errors

We’ve all been there: you’re putting the finishing touches on a solution when suddenly, something breaks. You barely changed anything, but your previously functional code is now giving you a nondescript error that has half a dozen potential underlying causes. I recently encountered just such a headache while building an InfoPath form. Once the form […]

Mobile BI – Is It Realistic?

Mobile BI is gaining a lot of attention with the huge increase in the demand for mobile devices. This topic routinely comes up in conversations with our customers as they (along with everyone else) want to be able to receive the same analytics and user experience they interact with on their desktop/laptop on their smart […]

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