Nenad Nicevski

Nenad is a Certified EPiServer CMS Software Developer, currently focused on .NET CMS technologies, mostly ASP .NET and MVC, JavaScript and jQuery, WCF and desktop applications with WPF. He also works with MS SQL and MySql. Nenad is no stranger to WordPress and Drupal 7/8. In his free time he loves to play basketball, guitar and to make fun of himself to amuse his daughter!

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How to enable Webpack on your Episerver Project

If you’re building modern web applications, you need to carefully consider the front-end technology stack you use. Webpack, a static module bundler, combined with NPM for package management, is a great starting point. Here’s how you can incorporate these technologies into your MVC application built upon Episerver. Alongside Node.js, we need to have node-sass […]

Episerver connecting puzzle pieces

Page Restrictions in an Initialization Module

Managing your AllowedTypes (insert options) in Episerver can become overwhelming, depending on the strategy you take. You can read about different options here: but there is a strategy you can take for a very developer-friendly approach. As highlighted on Epi World forum thread (Dylan McCurry and I worked together on the project where […]

Youtube Block Episerver Brainjocks@1x

Episerver YouTube Video Block

Video for Content Editors These days, every website has some video content. We wanted to make editing video easier for Epi content editors, so we created the YouTube Video block. This block is a feature of our new SCORE for Episerver platform, which launched in 2019. To create the best editor experience with on-page editing […]