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Mark Ursino

Mark Ursino is Director, DXP at Perficient. He focuses on solving problems with Sitecore, Optimizely, and pureplay CMS solutions. His interests include content authoring experience, marketing technology enablement, and composable solutions. Mark is a 12-time Sitecore MVP.

Blogs from this Author

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Say Hello to Netlify, our Newest Partnership

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Netlify, one of the original high-performance WebOps platforms for the modern web. Netlify is a composable cloud platform with three key capabilities: Connect anything across various content and data sources A frontend cloud development and hosting platform for your decoupled architecture First-class content editing in a […]

Digging into Sitecore Content Hub ONE

Content Hub ONE is Sitecore’s entry into the pure play headless CMS market. For years this market was dominated by well-known players such as Contentful,, Contentstack, Sanity, and Strapi. Many of these headless CMS solutions provide streamlined CMS capabilities to manage content and deliver it through web APIs. As we talked about in the […]

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Understanding Headless CMS for Experienced Sitecore Developers

The concept of headless CMS has been around for a long time — some might even say that’s how the original CMS products and publishing platforms of the web operated. However the concept of headless is still fairly new in the world of Sitecore, with JavaScript Services (“JSS”) — the first true foray into headless […]